John Washbourne1,2

M, b. before 1 August 1556, d. before 11 December 1624
FatherJohn Washbourne b. c 1520, d. b 13 Oct 1593
MotherJane Busell b. c 1524, d. b 4 Apr 1557
     John was born before 1 August 1556 in Bengeworth, Wickenford Parish, Worchestershire, England. On 1 August 1556, he was christened in Bengeworth, Wickenford Parish, Worchestershire, England. John married Martha Timbrell on 6 July 1596 in Bengeworth, Wickenford Parish, Worchestershire, England. She was the widow of a Mr. Stevens. He and Martha were blessed with 4 children. John was one of the twelve principal Burgesses mentioned in the Charter granted by King James to Evesham and Bengeworth in the third year of his reigh [1605] constituting them a Borough, granting the town two representatives in Parliament. Later in life, John lost his eyesight. John made his will on 3 August 1624.

In the name of God amen, the iiid day of August and dni 1624 and in the xxiith year of the reign of Souagne Lord James by the grace of God, King of England, Fraunce, and Ireland defender of the faith of Scotland the Lviith.
I John Washbourne of Bengeworth in the Borough of Evesham in the countie of Worcester being very weak and sicke in bodie but of good and p'fect memory thanks to be to God doe ordain this my last will and testament in manner in forme following. first I bequeath my soul into the hands of the Almighty God nothing doubting but that through His infinite mercy in Jesus Christ he will receive it. Item unto my son-in-law Isaacke Averell Thirty pounds of good and lawful money of England to be paid unto him in a mann. & form following vidit, that is to say Fifteene pounds within one year next after my decease and the other fifteen three years after my decease. Itm I give to my daughter Joane Washbourne fifteen pounds of good and lawful money of England to be paid unto her one Halfe at her day of marriage & the other within the space of fouer years next ensueing after her day of marriage. Provided that she marry with the consent assent & good lyking of her mother and my brother-in-law John Trimbrel. Item I give unto my sonne William Washbourne forty pounds the one half to be paid within six months after my decease. Item I give unto my loving Wife household stuffe to be at her disposing. The residue of my Lands Carrells Cattells moveable & unmoveable I give and bequeath unto my sonne John Washbourne who I make Executor of this my last will and testament & whom I ordain & appoint to pay all the afforesaid bequeaths in the mann. & forme aforesaid.
Memorandum that before the signing hereof the above said John Washbourne did give and bequeath unto Jane the daughter of Isaacke Averall one Heyfer of a year old to be delivered her when she comes to the age of yeares.
In witness of which the said John Washbourne being blind and not able to see his hand has authorized his Brother John Tymbell for him and in his stead to subscribe to the psents with his name or mark the day and years first above written.
Read published and signed with his word [lands] interlined in the seaventeenth before the ensealing and signing hereof.
Before John Balam
John Trymball
Joseph Phelpes.3

John departed this life before 11 December 1624 in Bengeworth, Wickenford Parish, Worchestershire, England. The inventory of John's estate was taken on Wednesday, 11 December 1624.

The will indicates that John possessed a very productive holding of land,for he had stored in his house at the time of his death 82 pounds worth of wheat, barley and pulse; 32 pounds worth of cattle, sheep and swine; 39 pounds worth of horses; gears. carts;pws. amd harrows - his father kept 5 horses; 8-10-0 pounds worth of hay. The house was of one story with an attic, the latter used for the lodging rooms, granary, and general store room. the ground floor contained a "hall" or common living room, Kitchen and a "Chamber" or bedroom. The hall was furnished with "one little table board and its "frame", one little table, forms, benches, and a "Join Chair", one cupboard, shelves for cheeses, pewter, & brass vessels and other furnishings and implements. These latter according to his wife's inventory, included eighteen pewter platers, twelve pairs of small pewters, three basins, one awer and six cushions.
The "chamber" or bedroom adjoining the hall was furnished with a bedstead, one feather bed with boulster a[nd pillows, a clothes press, a chest [of drawers] and three coffers. There were three other flock beds in the house, store of sheets of holl and, flax and hemp, napkins and two towels. In the kitchen was one table, three brass pots, and pans, kettles, ironware, posnet-porringer, one cabinet, pails, etc. The attic loft above the kitchen, hall and chamber contained four beds and furnishings, and besides serving as a granary and cheesery, served as storage for articles in occasional use.
For the inventory of the father, John Washbourne's property in 1593, whichis much more minute than that of the son, we learn that the house had a rear yard with barns, ricks, and a place for the storing of timber and fuel; that the windows of the house, at least of the hall and chamber were glazed, for the glass is entered as a separate item, and thatthe household possessed numerous convinencespassed over or lumped in the later inventory. The wills and inventories together show that the family wasbettering itself with every succeding generation, and was decidingly prosperous. Nomention is made of the land and buildings; they passed by custom of the day to the eldest son John. It must have been a strong purpose indeed in the state of things in Worchestershire which made John Washbourne forsake "fat esteem" and become a pilgrim of the bleek and savage shore of New England of the Plymouth Colony.

His will was probated 29 feb 1625. His son, John, was his executor.


Martha Timbrell b. c 1578, d. b 9 May 1626


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