Josce de Dinan1

M, d. 1166
FatherGeoffrey de Dinan
MotherRadegonde Orieldis
     Josce de was born. King Stephen had been in conflict with Sybil as she held the castle against him in 1139. Stephen eventually took the castle. Stephen needed someone he could trust to control the castle and chose Josce to marry Sybil to accomplish those ends.2 Josce married Sybil (?). She was th widow Pain fitz John who died in 1137.3 Sometime between 1148 & 1150, Josce had be be away from his manor. It was at this time that Gilbert Lacey came in and took over the manor. Since it had been so fortified by him, he was unable to recover it. soon after, Queen Matilda gave him land at Lambourn, Berkshire as well as many other land holdings. One of his holdings was in Westbury, Wiltshire.4 Josce died in 1166 probably in Lambourn, Wiltshire, England.


Sybil (?)


  1. [S1403] Josce de Ninan, Josce was the youngest son of Geoffrey de Dinan and Radegonde Orieldis, and had two older brothers, Oliver of Dinan and Alan of Becherel. Josce's family was from Brittany.
  2. [S1403] Josce de Ninan, Sybil had held Ludlow Castle against Stephen in 1139, but surrendered after a siege. Ludlow was an important strategic stronghold for control of the Welsh Borders, and Stephen decided to marry Pain's widow to someone he felt was trustworthy. Upon his marriage Josce also acquired control of the castle,.
  3. [S1403] Josce de Ninan.
  4. [S936] British History Online - Victoria County History: Empress Maud made a large grant of land to William Defuble much of that manor was later regranted by Henry II to Josce de Dinan and by division by his heirs & subinfeudation formed the manors later known as Westbury Mawdhuit, Leigh Priors, Westbury Ledersage & Bremeridge. -