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    This Quaker marriage certificate is among the Leggett Family Papers in the Burton Historical Collection.
          "Whereas, Valentine Seaman of the city and state of New York, Physician, son of Willet Seaman of the City and State of aforesaid and Mary his Wife and Anna Ferris, daughter of John Ferris and Anna his wife of the City and State aforesaid, having declared their Intentions of Marriage with each other before two monthly meetings of the people called Quakers, held in the City of New York and Township of Flushing and State aforesaid, according to the good Order used amongst them, and they haveing consent of Parents, and Parties concerned and nothing appearing to obstruct their said Proposals were allowed of by said meetings...
          And Moreover they the said Valentine Seaman and Anna Ferris She according to the Custom of Marriage assumeing the Name of Her Husband as a further confirmation did then and there to these presents set their Hands.
          And We whose names are hereunto subscribed being present at the Solomizeation of said Marri[age and subscription have as Witnesses thereunto set our Hand the Day and Year above written. Signed Valentine Seaman and Anna Seaman. Recorded in Book B folio 48 and compared by Ebenezer Haviland, Recorder."
    [column one] Joseph Townsend, Oliver Hull, Parnella Harrington, Abigail Willits, Mary Pearsall, Jane Haviland, Hannah Pearsall, Mary Cook, Mary Hicks, Elizabeth Tutis, Elizabeth White, Phebe Honeywell, ---?-- Cock, Benjamin Haviland, Charles P. Wright, Henry Titus, Martha Titus, John White, Phila Dalapaine,
    [column two] Edmund Prior, James Honeywell, Samuel Seaman, Margaret B, Haydock, Ann King, Henry Haydock, Jun., William F. Pell, Rich, Laurence, Roger Hunt, Penelope Hull, Jr., Ann Underhill, Jr., Margaret Haviland, Elizabeth Underhill, Darah Haydock, Dam Delaplaine, Wilenia Barnes, Ann Haviland, Willet Seaman, Jr.
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