William Ludlam II1

M, b. circa 1600, d. before 2 November 1665
FatherWilliam Ludlam I b. c 1577, d. b 20 Jan 1659/60
MotherMary d. b 28 Jul 1645
     William was born circa 1600 in Matlock, Derbyshire, England. William married Clemence Fordham circa 1627 in England. William & Clemence Ludlam were originally of Matlock, Derbyshire, England. William came to America, probably Boston, about 1650, shortly after the death of his son, John. His two oldest children arrives on the ship "Triall" in 1648. He & his family were in Southampton, the part called "Watermill", in 1653. He purchased land on 18 October 1653 consisting of 36 acres at the head of the Mill Pond. William was to become the town's miller. William made his will on 27 April 1665 at Southampton, Suffolk County, Long Island, New York.

Aperil ye 27: 1665 The last will and testament of William Ludlam, Senior. I commend my soule to God and my estate I bestow of followeth.
I. Imprimis. My will is yt my son William shall have a cow.
2. I doe give unto my daughter Grace one cow.
3. I doe give unto my daughter Mary one cow.
4. I doe give unto my daughter ffrances one cow.
5. I doe give unto my son Antony all my housing and lands at ye old ground and fifty pound comonige to his and his heires forever. Provided my son Henery shall have a third part of sayd land for the terms of seven years after the date herof.
6. I doe give unto my son Joseph my now dwelling house with two Acres of land adjoining to it and allso thirty Acres of land adjoining to the mill and mill pond on the east side ye mill river, with fiftye pound commonige to him and his heires forever.
7. I doe give unto the eldest child of my son William fifty shillings:and my son Henery child fifty shillings and my eldest daughter Grace's eldest child fifty shillings and unto my daughter Marys eldest child fifty shillings and my daughter ffrancis eldest child fifty shillings.
8. that whereas there is a covenant made between me and Samuel Davis the sayd Samuell Davis is to enjoy the cowes and ye benefit of the house and land specified in the sd covenant from the date herof untill the fourth of march next ensuing.
9th & Lastly - I doe will that my son Henery bee my executor and to pay or cause to be payd all my debts and allso all the above mentioned legacyes & allso to built up the mill yt now is: soffissently vis: half at his owns proper charge and the other half out of my estate: and my son Henery to have have half of the sd mill to him and his heires forever & my son Joseph to him and his heirs forever. Also I doe give unto my son Henery a fifty pound commonige with the belongings to the land hee hath now in possession as it standeth upon record. Allso I give unto him the sayd Henery thirty acres Acres of land liing and being att ye mill pond head with all my household goods, cattle & chatles whatsoever to him and his heires forever.
Witnessed my hand the day and year above written in presence off witnesses
John Howell William Ludlam
John Cooper
[New York Abstracts of Wills, pate 1 - Liber 1-2, page 1]

The records in the Commissioner of Records, Hall of Records, New York City, New York include the following: [envelope 6 William Ludlam] Southampton ye 9 of June 1666 - This present writtings witnesseth that I William Ludlam, of Huntington on Long Island doe acknowle-- that I have received one cowe of my brother Henery Ludlam which was give to mee by my father [-] his will - and fiftie shillings of my eldest childes [-] received by mee as witness my hand.
Witness: William Ludlam
Thomas Scutter
Caleb Carwithen

I Anthony Ludlam of Southampton on Long Island doe acknowledge that I have received of my brother Henery Ludlam that housings and land which is doe to mee by my father his will I say all that land which is do to me as witness my hand ye 9 day of June 1666.
Witness: Anthony "A" Ludlam
William Ludlam

June ye 8th 1666 - This writting witnesseth yt I Joseph Ludlam of Southampton [-] yorke [-] by [-] acknowledge yt I have received of my brother Henery Ludlam of ye same town full satisfaction according to [-] of my father's will ye sayd Henery beeing his lawful executor: in witness herof [-] to my hand ye day year above written
Witness: Joseph Ludlam [his mark].2
John Howell
Thomas Scutter
New York Wills: Liber 1 & 2, page 1]

William departed this life before 2 November 1665 in Southampton, Suffolk County, Long Island, New York. His will was probated on 8 June 1666.


Clemence Fordham d. 21 Aug 1646


  1. [S119] Herbert Furman Seversmith, Colonial Families of Long Island, New York & Connecticut, page 1898 - William Ludlum married Clemence - He was born about 1600-1605 at or near Matlock, Derbyshire. The earliest known record of members of this family in North America is dated in July, 1648, when the two oldest children of this William Ludlam arrived in the ship Triall. This is known from depositions made by John Ludlam, grandson of this William Ludlam, in 1701/2. It is believed that William Ludlam, then a widower, emigrated to the North American colonies soon after his son John was buried at Matlock in 1650. His North American port of entry is not certainly known, but it may well have been Boston.
    He removed to that part of the town of Southampton called Watermill, where he was evidently a newcomer in 1653_John Woodruff junior of Southampton on 18 October, 1653 sold 36 acres at the head of the mill pond to William Ludlam. At about the same time he made a contract to rebuild the mill, and to serve as the town's miller. The town meeting of Southampton agreed on 21 November, 1653 that if the miller "goes forward with his covenant" he shall have six men to help him. ----.
  2. [S30] New York Historical Society, Collections of the New York Historical Society Abstract of Wills, Volume 25: page 1.