William Haight Leggett1,2,3,4,5,6,7,8,9,10,11

M, b. 7 November 1840, d. 26 January 1920
FatherAugustus Wright Leggett b. 11 Jun 1816, d. 12 Jan 1885
MotherEliza Seaman b. 9 May 1815, d. 9 Feb 1900
William Haight Leggett
     William was born on Saturday, 7 November 1840 at Peekskill, Dutchess County, New York, at 3:25 am. His name at birth was Percival Seaman and was switched with his older brother who bore the name William Haight. This switch was noted in the family bible by his father and was done at the suggestion of friends. By friends, it is not known whether it was meant Quaker friends or friends of the family. He went by the nickname Willie. He married an unknown person on 7 November 1860 at the Sashabaw Plains, Independence Township, Oakland County, Michigan, in a Quaker ceremony. Marriage Notice: Mr. William H. Leggett of Waterford and Miss Annie Beardslee of Independence married in Independence on Wednesday the 7th instant [November 1860] after the manner of the Society of Friends. [Pontiac Gazette - 9 November 1860] 26 July 1870, William and his wife, Anna, were listed on the U.S. Federal Census in Detroit, Wayne County, Michigan. Enumerated in this household were William H. Leggett [29 New York], his wife, Annie B. [28 New York], children: John W. [6 Michigan], Augustus [3 Michigan] & William H. [4 months Michigan]. Propery value $3,000.00 & personal value $400.00.12 2 June 1880, William and his wife, Anna, were listed on the U.S. Federal Census in Detroit at 566 Third Avenue. Enumerated in this household were William H. Leggett [39 New York], his wife: Annie [39 Michigan], children: John [16 Michigan], & Augustus [14 Michigan]. William was a stationery clerk & John at the telephone office.13 5 June 1900, William and his wife, Anna, were listed on the U.S. Federal Census in Detroit at 212 Grand Blvd. East. Enumerated in this household were William H. Leggett [November 1841 - 60 New York], his wife: Annie B. [May 1843 - 57 Michigan], children: Fredrick C. [December 1880 - 19 Michigan], & Lucile B. [February 1885 - 15 Michigan]. They had been married 38 years with 6 children, 4 living. William was in real estate & Fred was a clerk at a wholesale hardware store.14 William's wife, an unknown person , died on 24 March 1910 in the family home at 2895 East Grand Boulevard, Detroit, Wayne County, Michigan, leaving him a widower.15,16 20 April 1910, William was listed on the U.S. Federal Census in Detroit at 2895 East Grand Blvd. Enumerated in this household were William H. Leggett [69 New York][widow], children: John W. [45 Michigan][married], Fred C. [29 Michigan], Lucile V. [25 Michigan], & brother-in-law, Robert C. Beardslee [74 Michigan]. William was a real estate agent, John W. has own income, & Fred a clerk. John had been married 18 years.17 William died on Monday, 26 January 1920 in Highland Park, Wayne County, Michigan, at the home of his daughter Lucile Howell at 106 Colorado from senality.18,19 His funeral services were held at the home of his daughter, Lucile Howell, at 2:00 pm on 29 January and burial followed in Woodlawn Cemetery in Detroit. On 14 October, his body was resumed & removed to the Sashabaw Plains Cemetery in Independence Township, Oakland County, Michigan. On October 2007, a headstone was placed on his grave. He was buried next to his wife. Also, in the same plot are his daughter Lucile with her husband Rice & his son Frederick.20,21,22


Anna Beardslee b. 20 May 1841, d. 24 Mar 1910


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    Valentine S. Leggett born October the 13th 1861 at 11 ½ o'clock at night at Waterford Town; Died March 25, 1863
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