William (?)

M, b. circa 1165
FatherRichard (?)
     William was born circa 1165. By 1196, William had arranged the marriages of his two brothers, Alexander and Fulk, to two sisters, Eleanor and Matilda Visdelou, respectively. In that year, it is recorded that he owed 40 marks for the right to arrange the marriages.1


  1. [S1414] F. N. Craig, The Marbury Ancestry: Gernon & Rycote Lines, pages 168-169 - In 1196, William, son of Richard, owed forty marks for the right to marry two daughers of Visdelou to husbands of his choice. At that time, William had already married them to his two brothers, for in the same year, Fulk, son of Richard, held one knight's fee [in Rycote] in the honor of Wallingford. In 1197, a Roger Visdelou obtained a life's interest in land in Appleton from Alexander, son of Richard, and Eleanor, his wife, and Fulk, son of Richard, and Matilda, his wife, who had inherited the land. In 1217, Alexander, son of Richard, had a son, Humphrey [who later assumed the name Visdelou], and Fulk, son of Richard, made security for the relief due from Humphrey's half a knight's fee in Appleton. Apparently Fulk held the other half, for in 1453-54 the Rycote deed sighted in note 2 discribed the Manor of Rycote as having appurtenances in Appleton. - http://www.americanancestors.org/PageDetail.aspx