Jonathan Horton I Captain1,2,3,4

M, b. 23 February 1646, d. 23 February 1707
FatherBarnabas Horton b. 13 Jun 1600, d. 13 Jul 1680
MotherMary Langton b. b 14 Feb 1607, d. c 1686
     Jonathan was born on Friday, 23 February 1646 in the Town of Southold, Suffolk County, Long Island, New York.5 Jonathan married Bethia Wells, daughter of William Welles II and Marie _____, circa 1672 in the Town of Southold, Suffolk County, Long Island, New York. Jonathan was first Captain of the Cavalry in the County of Suffolk, He resided with his father and inherited the family homestead. He and his wife were worthy members of the church of Southold and highly esteemed in all relations which they made. 1698, Jonathan and Bethia and his wife, [ROF:Southold Town] werelisted on the Southold Town Census. Enumerated in this household were Jonathan Horton, Bathia, Jonathon Jr., William, James, Mehitobel, Mary, Abigaill, Patience. Jonathan made his will on 21 February 1707 at the Town of Southold, Suffolk County, Long Island, New York.

In the name of God, Amen. I, Jonathan Horton, of Southold in the county of Suffolk, being but weak in body. I leave to my son Jonathan my now dwelling-house, orchard and home lot. Also the east side of my north side lots, beginning at the great gate post, and to run northward through the middle of the watering holes, in the said lots, up the hill to a great rock, and from the rock on a straight line into the little pond. Also 5 lots of meadow at Curchoge great meadow, and 6 lots of creek thatch, at the bottom of the rock near Richard Terry's. And 3 1/2 lots of commonage between the town and Richard Terry's. And 1/2 my right of lands at Accobog. And 8 lotments in Halliock's Neck, Commonage. And 5 lots of land in Calf Neck. And 1/2 my Dame meadow I purchased of my brother, Benjamin Horton. And 1/2 my right at Plum Island. And he shall pay to his mother every forth bushel of grain of all sorts, which shall be raised on the said lands. And he is to sow 1/4 of an acre of flax yearly, and to furnish her with one-half of her firewood, and to keep two cows for her benefit. I also give him one-half my implements of husbandry, and my silver gilted sword. I leave to my son William the house and lots adjoining to the lands of Matthias Corwin east, and one-half the barn. And 6 acres of land at the rear of said home lots. Also the other part of the north side lots, west of my son Jonathan's line. And one first lot of woodland lying ner Curchoge pond, the the land of Henry Case, east. And three lots of meadow, commonly called by the name of Captain Tucker's meadow at Curchoge. Also 4 lots of meadow of Creek thatch, which I purchased of my cousin Budd. And 3 acres of meadow at Goose Creek, west to Barnabus Wines. Also one-half of my right of lands at Accobog, and the parcel of meadow adjoining Richard Terry's meadow. And 3 1/2 lots of Commonage between the town and Richard Terry's. And one-half my right on Plum Island. I also gave him one-half my farming tools, and my new gun and sword and belt. And he is to pay to his mother every fifth bushel of grain raised on the said land. I leave to my youngest son James Horton, all my right of land and meadow in Great Hog Neck, and six acres of meadow at Goose Creek, next to the lot of Henry Case. Also a yoke of oxen, 2 cows, one musket, one small gun, one sword and belt, and my executors, "are to learn him to writeand cipher." I leave to my grandson, Jonathan Horton, son of my son Caleb deceased, 5 lots of woodland lying west of the land of Thomas Goldsmith, deceased, and east of the land of Samuel Moore. Also my Fresh meadow called the Fresh meadow near Nathaniel Terry's. And the lots of Creek thatch, that I purchased of Captain Hobart, and one lot of Commonage between the town and Richard Terry's. I leave to my daughter Bethiah, wife of Henry Tuthill, 10 sheep besides what she formerly received. I leave to my daughter Mehitable, wife of Daniel Tuthill, 10 sheep besides what I gave her. formerly. I leave to my daughter, Mary Goldsmith, widow, 2 cows, beside what she already had. To my daughter, Abigail Horton and my daughter. Patience Horton, each a cow when of age. To my granddaughter, Mehitabel, daughter of my son Barnabas Horton, deceased, 12 pounds. I leave to my wife Bethiah, for her comfortable support during her widowhood, sufficient house room in my new dwelling house, and her choice of moveable goods, and 40 pounds of sheeps wool annually. I make my wife and sons, Jonathan and William, executors. Witness my hand and seal in Southold, February 21, 1706/1707.
      Wintesses, Richard Benjamin, Jonathan Benjamin, Stephen Bayley. Proved in New York before Thomas Wenham, Esq., June 2, 1708. [New York Wills: Liber 7, page 495]6

Jonathan departed this life on Wednesday, 23 February 1707 in the Town of Southold, Suffolk County, Long Island, New York.7


Bethia Wells b. 1655, d. between the 11th & 16th April


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    36 acors land_       36 - -
    2 oxen 6 cows 42 - -
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