Dorothy Hayne1

F, b. circa 1601, d. after 1684
     Dorothy was born circa 1601 in Dorchestershire, England. She married William King on 17 February 1617 at the Abbey Church of St. Mary,Sherborne.2 On 20 March 1635, William & Dorothy along with their children boarded a ship in Weymouth, England for New England. There were 106 passengers aboard. Listed among the passengers were William Kinge age 4o years, his wife: Dorothy age 34 years, Mary Kinge age 12 years, Katheryn age 10 years, Willm Kinge age 8 years, Hanna Kinge age 6 years.3 They settled at Salem, Massachusetts, where he was made freeman March 25, 1636. The same year he was granted forty acres at Jeffrey's Creek, now Manchester. In 1638 he received thirty acres at Royall Side at the head of Basse River, now Beverly, where the King homestead was situated and stood until about 1840. The land rose with a gentle slope to the level of a broad field, and the road turned to the left beyond the house, passing over the bridge part way up the hill; the King acres were on both sides of the bridge. The name of William King appears in a list of Salem Grand Jurors in 1637 and also on the roll of members of the First Church. He took an active part in the religious controversies of the day and in 1637 identified himself with the Antinomians, a step which placed him under the ban of the Salem authorities and he was admonished to sever his connection with that sect, under penalty of being disarmed, and refusing to do so, he was directed to leave his gun with Lt. Danforth. In 1652 his widow purchased of John Swazey his dwelling house and land, lying between that of Richard Hyde and Daniell Rumball on the South River ; also a tract of land in the South Field, all in Salem. In 1653 she sold same and in 1658 when giving testimony, she stated she was about 60 years of age. In 1684 she received commonage in Southold, L. I. where several of her daughters had taken up their residence, and she probably died there. Dorothy's husband, William, died in 1650 in Salem, Essex County, Massachusetts, leaving her a widow. She moved with her children to Southold, Long Island; His widow Dorothy and son William settled the estate under the direction of the court at Salem, where papers on file mention the following children: William the eldest son, Samuel aged 18, John aged 13, Mary, wife of Mr. Scudder, Katheryn, wife of John Swasy, Mehitable aged 15, and Deliverance aged 9. Dorothy departed this life after 1684 in the Town of Southold, Suffolk County, Long Island, New York.


William King b. c 1595, d. 1650


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