Petronella de Gresleye de Derlaveston

     Petronella de was born in Derlaveston, Staffordshire, England. She was the daughter & co-heir of Engulf de Gresleye & Alina, d/o Robert fitz Orm. Petronella de married Robert de Swynnerton de Suggenhull, son of Robert de Swynnerton de Great Suggenhall and Miss de (?) Great Sugnall & Bishops Offley. Petronella's husband, Robert, died after 1221 in Swynnerton, Staffordshire, England, leaving her a widow.1


Robert de Swynnerton de Suggenhull b. c 1170, d. a 1221


  1. [S103] Clarence E. Pearsall, History of the Pearsall Family, Volume I: Chapter 16, section 2 , page 493 - Plea Rolls of Reign of Henry III. Hilary , 6 Henry III. 1221, Robert de Sugenhulle and Petronilla his wife put in their place Thomas de Peshale in a plea against Roger de Bidum.