Mary (?)

F, d. before 12 November 1641
     Mary was born. Mary married Mr. (?) Langton. Mary's husband, (?), died in Wigston Magna, Leicestershire, England, leaving her a widow. Mary made her will on 6 January 1639/40.

In the name of god Amen: I Mayrie Langton widow weake and sick In bodie, But yit in perfect memorie praysed bee unto god for itt Doe bequeth my soule unto Almightie god and unto Jesus Christ his onely sonn my onely saviour and Redeemer. And my boddie to bee buried in the Church yarde of Allhalowes in Wigston Magnus – I disspose my goodes in manner and forme as followeth: Imp[rimis] I give and bequeth to my eldest sonn William Langston a bed in the parler, and unto his wiffe Isabell two beedes in the Chamber that the Childeren ly in, Item I give unto William Langston the eldest sonn of my sonn William Langston the table and the fram and the ?furm in the house, Item I give unto Rodger Langston the seconde sonn of my sonn William Langston five shillinges, Item I give unto Elizabeth Langston sister of the sayde Rodger Langston five shillinges Item I give unto Mayrie Langston, 5s. Item I give unto Jeese Langston, 5s. Item I give unto Sara Langston 5s. I give unto Katherin Langston five shillinges, I give unto Rodger Langston my second sonn, 5 shillinges and unto his wiffe Jane 5s. and unto his 3 Children five shillinges a peece namely Joseif and Mayrie and Zara; And allso I give unto my daughter Mayrie Ortton 5s. and unto her husband Barnabee Orton 5s. I give unto John Langston my sonn 5s. and unto his wiffe An 5s. and unto his two Children 5s. a peece. Item I give unto Robbert Langston my sonn 5s. and unto his wiffe Maryrie 5s. and unto his two Chillderen five shillinges a peece, Item I give unto M [aste] r Borrow minister 3s 4d. Item I give unto the pooreest sorts of widdowes 3s 4d. I make my daughter Ales Langston my execurter And all the Rest of my goodes I doe leave with her moveable and unmoveable shee seeinge my debts discharged and my bodie decently buried.1

Mary departed this life before 12 November 1641 in Wigston Magna, Leicestershire, England. Her will was probated on 12 November 1641 at Leicestershire, England.


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