William Carpenter1

M, b. circa 1666, d. 1735
FatherJoseph Carpenter b. 1635, d. b 9 Jul 1684
MotherHannah Carpenter b. 3 Apr 1640, d. b 8 Jun 1673
     William was born circa 1666 in Warwick, Orange County, New York. William married Elizabeth (?) circa 1687 in New York. William acted as a proprietor to his brother Joseph's will until his nephew Joseph came of age. William was a large land owner and a blacksmith by trade. He sold his property in Musketa Cove in 1720 and moved to Rye, New York. He held property in Musketa Cove at least until the year before his death. William departed this life in 1735 in Rye, Westchester County, New York.


Elizabeth (?) d. 1743


  1. [S38] Daniel Hoogland Carpenter, History & Genealogy of the Carpenter Family In America From the Settlement at Providence, R. I. 1637 - 1901
    , page 50 - no. 13 William Carpenter, son of Joseph2 and Hannah Carpenter, was born at Pawtuxet, R. I., about 1666. His wife was Elizabeth . . . . The first mention of him is found in the will of his grandfather, 1683, and in 1692 he appears at Pawtuxet, when he sold the property so given by will. He acted as one of the Proprietors after the death of his brother Joseph'° until 1706, when his nephew Josephi9 attained legal age. A glance at the Town Records shows very clearly that he was a large landowner and prominent in the affairs of the plantation. He was a blacksmith by trade, and had his homestead and shop in that part of the town known as " Duck Pond." * He sold this * "Duck Pond" is a singular formation situated on some of the highest land in that locality. It is a considerable body of water, clear and pure, and in the earlier days was the resting-place for the flocks of wild ducks when migrating north or south. The immediate neighborhood is now the residential part of the town and is known as Nassau Station; 1692, Jan. 25th. "William Carpenter of Muskoota Cove on Long Island," sells to his uncle Silas Carpenter of Providence land situated at Pawtuxet, which was bequeathed to him by his grandfather's will. (Vide Providence Records, vol. 4, p. 21, etc.); 1693, Feb. 4th and t oth. He and his brother Nathaniel buy from Nathaniel Coles a parcel of land bounded by lands of Samuel Coles and meadows of 7osepb Carpenter, deceased, and by this deed show the di- . vision of lots. (Vide Oyster Bay Records, vol. B, pp. 299-314.); 1699, March 27. He with Robert Coles and the other Proprietors grant privileges to Robert Coles, Jr., showing that he acted as " Proprietor." (Ibid, vol. C, p. 57.); 1700, Aug. -3. He and his brother Nathaniel divide the land they bought of Nathaniel Coles. (Ibid, vol. C, p. 51.) 17o6, Jan. 4. He buys 50 acres from Benjamin and Joseph Coles on the south side of the mill creek, bounded by land of Joseph Carpenter, near Littleworth. (Ibid, vol. D, p. 14.);1706, Oct. 5. "Joseph Carpenter, eldest son and heir of Joseph Carpenter of Musketo Cove, deceased, in consideration of the love and good will and natural affection which he hath and doth bear to his unkle William Carpenter of Musketa cove and for many favors received of his said unkle," gives 52 acres of land bounded east by Musketa Cove line, west property in 17203 and probably at this date removed to Westchester County, though he still had landed interests at Musketa Cove as late as 1734. He died about 173 S. Regarding the wife of William Carpenter we can only say that beyond knowing that her name was Elizabeth all is conjecture. Various names have been suggested for her family, but as each have been traced they have shown the by highway to Jericho and north and south by lands of Samuel Weeks. (Ibid, Record, vol. D, pp. 15-17.); 1708, Feb. 24. William Carpenter, blacksmith, sells to Thomas Carpenter for .300 the foregoing 52 acres, and buys at same date for £ zoo, i oo acres at Duck Pond, bounded by land of Benjamin Coles and Nathaniel Carpenter, from Thomas and Joseph Carpenter. (Ibid, D, p. 189, and F, p. 328.) And at various dates from 1706 to 1718 he buys the rights of Samuel, Benjamin, and Joseph Coles, sons of Daniel Coles, and also of Nathaniel, Caleb, and Harvey Coles, sons of Nathaniel Coles, and also of Robert, John, Charles, and Nathan, sons of Robert Coles, of that tract known as the " half Lott." (Ibid, F, p. 327, etc. ); 1720, May 13. William Carpenter, Senior, and Elizabeth his wife sell to Dorothy Cock his farm of 81 acres situated at Duck Pond, for Z312, bounded east by land of Benjamin Coles, south by land of Benjamin Carpenter which I gave him, west by land of Benjamin and Harvey Coles, and north by land of John Linds and the highway. Reserving to myself 3 acres lying at the N. W. corner of said land lying between the highway and the stream of water called " Rackle Snaik Swamp." In deed he calls himself "blacksmith." The witnesses are Silas Carpenter and George Townsend. (Ibid, D, p. 292, etc.); 1722, May 8. William Carpenter and his son Silas buy from Lancaster Symes and Peter Fauconier, 375 acres at North Castle and Rye on the Byram River, Westchester County, for which they pay ,.~3 50. James Brown and James Weeks, witnesses. This deed also recites that Silas is to have 140 acres all in one plot, and further, one of the boundaries is land of Nathaniel Carpenter, and that William Carpenter is now in actual possession. (Vide Westchester Deeds, G, pp. 215-217.); 173+, April z. William Carpenter, Senior, and Benjamin Coles give quit-claim deed to Joseph Coles. (Vide transcript of O. B. Record, 9, P. 434.) 1713, June 19. William Carpenter, senior and junior, sell 3 2 acres at Duck Pond to John Lovell (Miller), said land being near the house of William, senior. (Ibid, vol. 9, p. 31.); fallacy of the suggestion. There is a possibility amounting to a probability that she was his cousin, daughter of Ephraim Carpenter, iv. She died about 1743.; Children of William=3 and Elizabeth Carpenter. no. 2I WILLIAM, born about 1688; no. 22 JOSEPH; no. 23 SILAS; no. 24 BENJAMIN, born March 25, 1696; no. 25 TIMOTHY, born April I, 1698; no. 26 ELIZABETH, wife of Samuel Weeks; no. 27 HANNAH, wife of Samuel Coles; 28 RUTH, who married William Thornicraft, May II, 1729. (Vide the Record of St. George's Church, Hempstead.); no.29 MARY, who married Captain Thomas Kipp, on April 17, 1731. (Vide St. George's Church Record.); no.30 .BENEDICT, born June 7, 1717.