Reverand John Fiske1,2

M, b. before 20 March 1608, d. 14 January 1676/77
FatherJohn Fiske b. c 1580
MotherAnne Lawter b. c 1582, d. 1637
     John was born in the parish of St. James, South Elham, County Suffolk, England. He was christened there on 20 March 1608.3 John & Ann had children: John [d. infancy], Nathaniel [d. infancy], John [m. 1666 Lydia Fletcher], Sarah [chr. 7/26/1640][m. John Farwell], Moses [4//12/1642][m. Sarah Symmes & 2nd Mrs. Ann Quincy], Ann [1/15/1646][m. Captain John Brown of Reading], Eliezur [2/14/1647]. John married Ann Gibbs, daughter of John Gibbs and Alice Elmy, in 1635 in England. As his father was dying, in 1633, he committed John to take care of the family that is, his mother, two sisters and his brother. Thus, to escape from further suffering, John brought his own family, that of his brother, his two sisters and his mother to New England in 1637. While in England, John had studied and had become an ordained minister. Because of his devotion to the Puritan beliefs, his friends urged him to go into another profession to avoid harm to himself and his family. He continued studying and eventually earned his license to practice as a physician. However, once arriving in New England, John took up his preferred profession as a minister. Although being in Salem for the first 3 years after his arrival, he then moved with others of his congregation to Wenham where he was the first pastor. He remained there as the pastor for 14 years. At that time, in late1655, he moved to Chelmsford and remained there for the remainder of his life. As for his second profession as a physician, he did practice it, however, begrudgingly, and only when he felt it necessary.4 John's wife, Ann, died on 14 February 1671 in Chelmsford, Middlesex County, Massachusetts, leaving him a widower.5 John married 2nd Elizabeth (?) circa 1672 in Massachusetts. She was 1st married to a Mr. Henchman.1 John made his will on 8 June 1676 at Chelmsford, Middlesex County, Massachusetts.

He bequeathed to his wife Elizabeth, his son John and John's wife Lydia, his daughters Sarah, wife of John Farwell, and Anna, and his younger son Moses, and also to William, eldest son of his (the testator's) brother William, late of Wenham, and to his widow and their other children.6

John departed this life on Thursday, 14 January 1676/77 in Chelmsford.5 His will was probated on 22 February 1677.

Family 1

Ann Gibbs b. c 1608, d. 14 Feb 1671

Family 2

Elizabeth (?)


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