John Fiske1,2,3,4

M, b. circa 1580
FatherWilliam Fiske b. c 1550, d. b 17 May 1623
MotherAnna Austye d. b 13 Feb 1601
     John was born circa 1580 in the parish of St. James, South Elham, County Suffolk, England. John married Anne Lawter, daughter of Robert Lawter and Mary Ffyske, circa 1606. He was living during a time when the Puritans were being severely persecuted, John found his life constantly in danger. To the point that in one period of time, he was forced to spend many months hiding in a wood pile to avoid being burned at the stake, as others of his contemporaries. Even some living where he was in East Anglia had been burned at the stake. Even after coming from hiding in the wood pile, he spent another 6 months living in a cellar by candle light and spending his time at “manufactures”. This time spent in hiding had its consequences as it ruined his health and caused an early death.5 John departed this life in South Elham at the parish of St. James. He was buried there on Saturday, 14 May 1633. He was buried as "Goodman Fiske".6


Anne Lawter b. c 1582, d. 1637


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