Ytie Jans (?)1

     Ytie Jans was born in Oldenburg, Holstein, Denmark. Ytie Jans married Laurens Duyts on 28 August 1638 in Amsterdam, Noord-Holland, Netherlands, at Hervormede Kerk.2 Ytie is in all likelihood the sister of Gerrit Jansen who was a sponser for Ytie’s first child. If it is true that Ytie is Gerrit’s sister, then she is originally from Oldenburg, Holstein, Denmark. Ytie was involved in an incident in 1658 which caused her husband to receive the harshest verdict rendered by Stuvesant, for allegedly selling his wife to Jan Parcell. Ytie, herself was also found guilty of living in adultery as was Jan Parcell. Whatever the situation, inspite of the court’s renderings, Ytie and Jan did marry, raise the children of their previous marriages, and had at least two children of their own. Ytie’s first husband also remarried. The records do not show if the verdict was carried out for any of the three, but apparently Ytie and her husband did leave New Amsterdam as Ytie appears on the rate list of Newtown in 1683. She was widowed in 1677, when Jan died.Ytie appears in the records a couple more times as a widow and in a dispute over land in 1684. This is the last that anything is known of her. Ytie Jans married 2nd Jan Parcell alais Botcher on 16 July 1659. Jan was first married with two sons: Thomas & Jan.

Family 1

Laurens Duyts b. 1610, d. b 15 Jan 1668

Family 2

Jan Parcell alais Botcher d. 7 May 1677


  1. [S1184] Herbert F. Seversmith & Arthur S. Wardwell, The Fabulous Pearsalls, page 155 - In Volume I of the Calendar of Historical Manuscripts in the Office of the Secretary of State page 203 there appears: 25 November 1658) …Sentence of whipping and banishment pronounced against Ytie Jansen, for living in adultery with Jan Parcel, alias Botcher. …Sentence. Laurents Duyts, of Holstein, for selling his wife, Ytie Jansen, and forcing her to live in Adultry, to have a rope tied around his neck, and then to be severly flogged, to have his right ear cut off, and to be banished for 50 years. …Sentence. John Parcell, alias Botcher, of Huntingdonshire, England, for living in adultery with Ytie Jans, to be placed at the whipping post with two rods in his arm, to be banished for 20years, and to pay a fine of 100 guilders ($40) with costs. … Geesje Jansen, for living in adultery with Laurens Duyts, to be conducted to the whipping post, and fastened thereto, the upper part of her body being stripped naked, and two rods placed in her hand. To be afterwards conducted in that wise, outside the city gates, and banished the province for the term of 30 years, with costs.
    (12 December, 1658)
    Petition. Jan Parcel and Ytie Janse, “two sorrowful sinners” for pardeon, and leave to marry, … orders thereupon. May remain three months to settle their affairs but must separate from each other at once.
  2. [S544] Kerkelijke Registers 1553-1870.