John Doane

M, b. 1635, d. 15 March 1707/8
     John was born in 1635 in Plymouth, Plymouth County, Massachusetts. He was the son of John & Anne Doane.1 John married Hannah Bangs, daughter of Edward Bangs and Rebecca Hobart, on 30 April 1662 in Eastham, Barnstable County, Massachusetts. John and Hannah had children: John 3/20/1663-5/15/1663], John [5/29/1664-11/22/1755] [m. 6/03/1686 Mehitable Scudder, 2nd Hannah Hobart & 3rd Jane Collier 7/20/1732 ], Ann 7/26/1666-2/12/1758] [m. 1/20/1687 David Young], Rebecca [ -12/19/1758] [m. 1/20/1685 Elisha Paine], Hannah 5/12/1669-6/06/1765] [m. 2/12/1702 John Collins], Isaac [6/02/1670-12/29/1755] [m. 12/02/1700 Margaret Wood], Samuel [3/21/1673-8/12/1756] [m. 12/03/1696 Martha Hamlin], David [1674-11/18/1748] [m. 9/30/1701 Dorothy Horton & 2nd 1/09/1738 Sarah Rich]. John's wife, Hannah, died after 1677 in Eastham leaving him a widower. On 14 January 1684, John married second, Rebecca Pettee. John made his will on 4 June 1706. Eastham In the County of Barnstable In the Province of ye Massachusetts Bay In New England in America this fourth of June one Thousand seven hundred and six.

I John Doane Aged Seventy and one years or thereabout In consideration of my many Infirmities that Do Daily atend me and may in a moment Close up my Life: I Do therefore think it meet to make this my Last Will and Testament: And first I give my sole to God that Gave it mee and my body to a Decent buryal in the Earth from whence it was Taken: And for my outward Estate I Do Dispose of it to those that God hath Given me in the bonds of nature: And It being of Little value in your Journey Heavenward I Do in the fear of God Exhort you all to Labouer after and lndeavor to Gett an Interest in our Lord & Saviour Jesus Christ without which you will be of all creatures the most miserable therefore it is my hearts Desire and prayer for every one of you that you may be earnest Implorers att the throne of God's Grace that the God of all Grace may Season every one of your hearts with all the Grace of his holy Spirit that accompany Salvation, that so you may Every sole of you and all yours may have an Interest in our Lord and Saviour Jesus Christ the mediator of the new Covenant and be Clothed with his white Robe of Righteousness, that so you may be sure of an Interest amongst the Saints in Light which will be a full Suply to all your wants.

I make my son John Doane whole and sole Executor and to my sd son John Doane I Give all that my my upland abt Little Billingsgate on that neck on the Easterly side of the Great Island with all the meadow and all the Sedge meadow that Lyeth Round about the sd neck of upland which was mine as appears by the Town Recorde: And four acres of meadow that Lyeth on the Southerly side of the hering River: and a booke called the English Phesican: I Give to my son Isaac Doane all that my upland and meadow that Lyeth between the brook called Indian brook and the marsh called the Silver Spring marsh, and three acres of meadow att a place comonly called Logey Bay: And all that upland and meadow that was formerly granted to my Honourd Father Doane att a place comonly called potamomacut; by the Honred Court att Plymouth which Land and meadow my Honord Father Doane Gave to me In his last will and Testament.

I give to my son Samuel Doane all that my upland from ye Westerly bounds a stone marked J D above his Barn and from thence Ranging southerly to the Bay side, another stone marked J D and so Runing Easterly by the bay side to a Little Rock marked D under the bank about two or three Rod on the easterly side of the old well: and from thence Ranging Northerly to the outside fence a stone marked D by the fence side: And from thence westerly to the first bound. And five acres of sedge meadow on the flat comonly called the Town flat and ye piece of meadow on the Southerly side of Indian brook, and the acres of meadow that I had of father Bangs that Lyeth below ye meadow comonly called the Mill meadow. And half that my meadow on ye northerly side of blackflsh Creek.

I give to my son David Doane my Dwelling house and barn, and all that my upland from the above sd Rock under the bank side marked D and from thence to the stone at the outside fence marked D and from these bounds Runing Easterly from bound to bound to the Eastermost bound, and from thence to a stoned marke I D by the Springs by the head of ye meadow and so Runing Round the head of the meadow to another stone on the south side of the head of the meadow marked J D and from thence southwesterly to another stone marked J D a Little way from the bankside and all my meadow comonly called Nauset meadow, and half that my meadow on the northerly side of blackfish creek comonly so called and Two acres of meadow that I bought of Mrs. Alice Bradford the Relict of Mr. William Bradford Esqr Govnr Deceased as appears by her Deed Dated the fourth of June in the year of our Lord one thousand six hundred and sixty-nine, as also all the Land and meadow that I bought that was Mr. William Bradfords Esqr Govnr Is confirmed to me by William Bradford son and heir of the above named William Bradford Deceased as appears by a ______ that I had of him the sd Mr William Bradford ____ the ___ of April 1693.

I give to my Daughter Ann Young one bed and bolster one pillow one Green Rug one blanket one pare of sheets and her mothers best sarge hoode.

I give to my Daughter Rebecckah Paine one bed one bolster one pillow one coverlid one blanket and one pare of sheets and her mothers Riding coat.

I give to my Daughter Hannah Collins one bed and bolster one pillow Two coverlids one blanket Two pare of sheets and her mothers manty and one of her peticoats.

I give to my above son John Doane my fowling piece it hath three Letters Stamped on the barrel IAD and my Rapier and bealt and make him my whole and sole executor to this my Last will and Testiment that after my Decease that the Debts and Leageses may be paid out of my Estate, and the Rest of my Estate to be Eaquely Divided to my four sons and three Daughters.

And so I Leave you all to the Lord in whose hand I Desire you may be all kept by his almighty power through faith unto Salvation, the which is my Great and Earnest Desire for all you and yours.

And Rest Hoping That you all will Live In Love and peace walking in Love one with another, and the God of Love and peace be with you and bring you into the Everlasting Kingdom of Peace.

John departed this life on Thursday, 15 March 1707/8 in Eastham at age 73 years. His will was probated on 8 April 1708.


Hannah Bangs b. 1644, d. a 1677


  1. [S1550] Barnstable, MA: Probate Records 1685-1789, Volume I: page 13 - Will of John Doane dated: 18 May 1678 & probated: 8 June 1687; Inventory: 21 May 1686 died: 21 February 1685 age about 100 years [father of this John].