John Strong1

M, d. before 14 July 1613
FatherGeorge Strong d. b 16 Feb 1636
     John was born in Chard, Somersetshire, England. John married in 1609 in Chard. In the bishop's transcripts, only the year and John's name are on the record, the wife's name has been torn off. It is likely that the bride's given name was Eleanor, the woman that married second, William Cogan. John's daughter Eleanor, was mentioned in William Cogan's will. There is also strong circumstantial evidence that she was the sister of William Dean, father of Margery, first wife of John's son, Elder John Strong. He made his will at Somersetshire. This is an undated, evidently, a death bed will. In it is mentioned his son John, an unborn child, his father, George, and his brothers: Thomas & Walter. [Wells, Bishop's Court, at Exeter] John departed this life in Chard. He was buried there. After John's death, his wife married William Cogan, probably about the year of 1635. The "unborn child" mentioned in John's will is undoubtly the Eleanor Dean mentioned in William Cogan's will of 1654. The following is an abstract of William's will:
24 April 1654, " I William Cogan of Southchard in the county of Somerset, Tanner, being sicke in bodye, " bequeath "the cottage howse in Southchard aforesaid wherein I now dwell with the backsid garden and close of land thereunto belongeinge with their appurtenances (after the death of my daughter Eleanor Deane wife of Walter Dean in New England) unto Eleanor Cogan my daughter and the heires males of her bodie lawfully to be begotten for ever. And for default of such issue male then to Joane Cogan my daughter and to the males of her bodie lawfully to be begotten and to begotten forever And to the default of such heires then to the heires males of the said Eleanor Dean of her bodie lawfully begotten and to be begotten forever," the rest of the estateto my daughters Eleanor and Joan Cogan and the former to be executrix, with friends Robert Cogan, clothier, and William Palsery, tanner, as executors in trust during the minority of said executrix; witnessed by Robert Newbery and Robert Pitts; signed by his mark; proved 22 June 1655.




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