Matilda de Bidun

F, b. circa 1146, d. 1185
FatherJohn de Bidun I b. c 1110, d. c 1164
     Matilda de was born circa 1146 in Lavendon, Buckinghamshire, England. Matilda de married Humphrey Visdelou, son of Walkelin Visdelou, circa 1162 in Buckinghamshire, England. In 1185, she held 2 hides in Lathbury in the Buckinghamshire Hungred of Bunestowe as her dower.1 Matilda departed this life in 1185 in Buckinghamshire, England, at the Manor of Abinton [within the estate of Lavendon].2


Humphrey Visdelou d. 1176


  1. [S936] British History Online - Victoria County History: This manor descended with Lavendon Castle to John de Bidun and had been alloted before 1225 to one of his five sisters & co-heirs, Ermengarde de Bidum, widow of Andulf de Gatesden. [footnote: His mother, widow of his father, John Bidun, was holding Lathbury in dower in 1185. One of her five daughters, Maud Visdelou, held two hides of land here in dower at this time [Grimaldi Rot de Dominavus, 22].] -
  2. [S1417] William Farrer, Honors and Knights' Fees, page 56 - In 1185, Matilda Visdelou, who was the daughter of John de Bidun, was in the king's gift; she held in dower two hides in the Buckinghamshire Hungred of Bunestowe & she had one son age 22, who was with the king. The estate which Matilda held in dower was assuredly Abinton. The rolls of the sheriff of Berkshire for the same and succeeding years record that land in Appleton, of 40s. yearly farm, came into the king's hands about the the beginning of the year 1185 and that it had late belonged to the mother of Humphrey Visdelou.