Reverand Peter Hobart1,2,3

M, b. before 13 October 1604, d. 20 January 1678/79
FatherEdmund Hobart b. bt 1 Jan 1574 - 1575, d. 8 Mar 1645/46
MotherMargaret Dewey b. c 1572, d. c 1633
     Peter was born before 13 October 1604 in Hingham, County Norfolk, England. On 13 October 1604, he was christened in Hingham, County Norfolk, England. He received his bachelor's degree in 1625 from Magdalen College and his Master of Arts degree in 1629. Peter married Elizabeth Ibrook on 12 October 1628 in Covehithe, County Suffolk, England. In April 1635, Peter & Elizabeth with four children left England arriving in New England on 8 June 1635. Peter's wife, Elizabeth, died circa December 1645 in Hingham, Plymouth County, Massachusetts, leaving him a widower. Peter married 2nd Rebecca Peck circa 1646 in Hingham, Plymouth County, Massachusetts. Peter made his will on 16 January 1678/79. He mentions his wife and fourteen living children. Peter departed this life on Friday, 20 January 1678/79 in Hingham, Plymouth County, Massachusetts.

Family 1

Elizabeth Ibrook b. b 31 Aug 1608, d. c Dec 1645

Family 2

Rebecca Peck b. b 25 May 1620, d. 9 Sep 1693


  1. [S457] Robert Charles Anderson, The Great Migration Begins: Immigrants to New England 1620-1633, Edmund Hobart - iiiPETER, bp. 13 October 1604; m. (1) Covehithe, Suffolk, 12 October 1628 Rebecca Ibrook [TAG 67:28], daughter of Richard Ibrook; m. (2) say 1646 Rebecca Peck, daughter of Joseph Peck (after his first wife's delivery of her last child in December 1645 [The American Genealogist 27:94]).
  2. [S506] Note: MA-HINGHAM-BOOK-L Archives - Message posted 12 July 2003 from Christie Trapp in regards to the wives of Peter Hobart:
    "> Finally, I'll note that I have not personally examined the full text of the
    > articles published by Torrey (and cited by Christie), i.e. TAG 27:94-95
    > [April 1951] and TAG [January 1936], so do not know if Torrey provided source
    > documentation there for his identification of Elizabeth and Rebecca. Christie,
    > since you have copies of these articles, can you comment on this point?
    > Richard, Dale, List
    To respond to what these TAG articles had to say, the 27:94-95 was discussing
    Edmund Hobart - the father. It cited the 10 children and what I wrote
    earlier was the extent of the information cited about Peter, but I will restate it

    (Rev.) Peter, bapt. Oct. 13, 1604; came to New England in 1635; d. Jan. 20,
    1678/9, "about 10 of the clock at night," and was buried Jan. 23, 1678/9, at
    Hingham, Mass.; m. (1) about 1628, Elizabeth Ibrook, dau. of Richard and
    Margaret (___) Ibrook, bapt. Aug. 31, 1608, at Southwold, England. She d. after the
    birth of her son Gershom, who was born in Dec. 1645. Rev. Peter Hobart m. (2)
    probably about June 1646, Rebecca Peck, dau. of Joseph and Rebecca (Clark)
    Peck, bapt. May 25, 1620, at Hingham, England, d. Sept. 9, 1693, at Hingham,

    The TAG article which provides the evidence regarding the wives names is in
    the TAG article published in January 1936 at pages 132-134 entitled "Reverend
    Peter Hobart's Wives" by Clarence Almon Torrey.

    I have concluded that the volume was #12 because in my source listing I have
    a volume 13 and that was for another article on another subject which was
    published April 1937 and I had to search the stacks to find that one because I had
    written a number in a hurry and couldn't read it when I came to enter it, so
    had to go back to the library to recheck the volumes. I found the current
    article under discussion at that time when I was flipping through the volumes to
    find the later reference. I believe volume 12 and 13 were bound together,
    hence my reasoning that this article can be found in volume 12.

    In my earlier message I had a notation with an asterick, but failed to cite
    the footnote pertaining to it. "It is now possible to state that his first
    wife, whose baptismal name is not found in New England records, was a daughter of
    Richard and Margaret* Ibrook, named Elizabeth, and that ...."

    Here it is:

    *Her baptismal name now published for the first time.

    Since I have already written the beginning paragraphs in an earlier message,
    I will only cite the evidence which supported Torrey's conclusions which were
    based on information from manuscripts and printed sources:

    1. Southwold, co. Suffolk, England, parish record:
    1608 August 31 Eliz. d. Richd & Margt. Ibroke
    1629 July 12 Joshua s. of Peter Hubberd, clerke, & Eliz:
    1631 April 18 Jeremy s. Peter & Eliz: Hubberd

    2. Hingham, co. Norfolk, England, parish records
    1614 June 3 Edward Gilman & Mary Clark+
    1617 May 21 Joseph Peck & Rebecca Clark++

    + Arthur Gilman: Gilman Genealogy, 1869, p. 35
    ++ Ira Peck: Peck Genealogy, 1868, p. 14

    1620 May 25 Rebecca, daughter of Joseph Peck*
    * Peck Genealogy, p. 13
    1626 May 23 John, son of Edward Gilman+
    + Gilman Genealogy, p. 40
    1630 March 11 Moses, son of Edward Gilman++
    ++ Gilman Genealogy, p. 41

    3. The Hobart Diary by Rev. Peter Hobard and son David
    1642 October 3 Brother Cockram sailed for England
    1641 November 14 Mr. Ibrook dyed
    1663 Dec 22 Mr. Joseph Peck dyed at Rehoboth, Thursday
    23 buried
    1664 April 4 My mother Ibrook dyed
    5 bureid
    1681 June 22 my great Aunt Gillman dyed&
    & (source was using the legal section code symbol, but I can't type it in the
    email) - This entry is in David Hobart's handwriting

    4. Hingham, Mass., Proprietors Grants of Land, Book A, p. 19
    Wm Cockram......for his house Lot, four acres, at Broad Cove next to
    Richard Eyebrook, his father law [sic]

    5. New England Historical and Genealogical Register, Vol. 14, p. 328
    William Cockram, aged 28 years, and wife Christen [Christian], aged 26
    years, came from Southwold, England, in 1637.

    6. Plymouth Colony Deeds//
    // Vol. 3, part 1, p. 28; copy at Archives Division, State House, Boston
    Edward Gilman sold his lands at Rehoboth, Mass., to Joseph Peck, junior.
    Payments in full for the lands were not made until after Edward Gilman's
    death, the balance being paid to his widow Mary. Edward's sons, who signed their
    names as John Gillman and Moses Gillman, released rights, etc., to Joseph
    Peck, Jan. 8, 1663. In this document, they call Joseph Peck "cozen."

    7. Joseph(1) Peck's WillReverand Peter Hobart
    Reverand Peter Hobart (in this source it was written as the legal paragraph code, but I can't
    type it in this email) Peck Genealogy, p. 18
    "I give and bequeath unto my Daughter Hubbert thirty pounds."

    From Southwold, England, parish registers cited above, it has been proved
    that Rev. Peter Hobart's first wife was named Elizabeth. That she was the
    daughter of Richard and Margaret Ibrook, baptized August 31, 1608, is proved by the
    following records:

    1. Rev. Peter Hobart mentions his "mother Ibrook" in April 1664. This
    reference to her establishes the fact that one of his wives was her daughter. As
    there is conclusive evidence that Rebecca, his second wife, was Rebecca Peck,
    the first wife must have been Ibrook.

    2. Elizabeth Ibrook had a sister Christian, who married William Cockram
    (Cockraine in some records). Rev. Peter Hobart calls him "brother" in 1642. An
    examination of the Hobart Diary makes it clear that "brother" does not refer to
    church membership. The men were brothers-in-law. This date was before Rev.
    Peter Hobart's second marriage.

    The evidence concerning Rebecca, his second wife, is as follows: John Gilman
    and Moses Gilman, sons of Edward and Mary (Clark) Gilman, called Joseph Peck,
    son of Joseph and Rebecca (Clerk) Peck, "cozen." This implies that Mary
    Clark and Rebecca Clark were sisters. As previously stated, Joseph Peck had a
    daugther Rebecca baptized May 25, 1620. She was the "daughter Hubbert" mentioned
    in his will. She must have married Rev. Peter Hobart, for David Hobart,
    Rebecca's son, mentions his "great Aunt Gillman," who was Mrs. Mary (Clark)
    Gilman, mother of John and Moses Gilman. Mrs. Gilman could not have been an aunt of
    Rev. Peter Hobart, whose parents were Edmund and Margaret (Dewey) Hobart. It
    is evident that Mrs. Gilman was Rebecca's aunt and that Rebecca was Rebecca
    Peck, Joseph Peck's daughter.

    The baptisms of Rev. Peter Hobart's sons, born at Southwold, England, were
    probably entered in his own handwriting. Unfortunately, his marriage to
    Elizabeth Ibrook was not recorded in that parish. Information concerning Richard
    Ibrook's marriage to his wife Margaret is also lacking. Her maiden name and
    ancestry may, possibly, be found in recrods of some other parish.

    That concludes the article on the proof of the names of the wives. Hopes
    this helps and answers some questions. Now to read the various messages that
    have been posted on the subject of Peter's wives.

    Christie Trapp."
  3. [S115] Genealogical Dictionary of the First Settlers of New England, Showing Three Generations Of Those Who Came Before May, 1692, On The Basis Of Farmer's Registar, Volume II, page 435 - Peter, Hingham, s. of the first Edmund, b. 1604, at Hingham, Eng. bred at the Univ. of Cambridge, where on tak. his A. B. 1625-6, and A. M. 1629, he wrote his name Hubberd, was of Magdalen Coll. had preach. at divers places, and last at Haverhill in Suff'k. bef. coming hither, where he arr. 8 Jane 1635, at Charlestown, freem. 2 Sept. 1635, and in few days was sett. at Hingham, with old friends. He brot. w. and four ch. certain. Joshua, and Jeremiah, H C. 1650, bef. ment.; prob. Josiah and Eliz. wh. m. John Ripley ; and had here Ichabod in 1635; Hannah, 1637, both d. soon; Hannah, again, 1638, wh. m. John Brown of Salem; Bathsheba, 1640, m. Joseph Turner of Scituate ; Israel, 1642; Jael, Dec. 1643, m. 25 May 1664, Joseph Bradford; Gershom, b. prob. in 1645, H. C. 1667 ; Japhet, Apr. 1647, H C. 1667 ; Nehemiah, 21 Nov. 1648, H. C. 1667 ; David, Aug. 1651; Rebecca, 1654, m. 10 Oct. 1679, Daniel Mason of Stonington, as his sec. w.; Abigail, 1656, d. limn. Apr. 1683 ; and Lydia, 1659 ; and the patriarch d. 20 Jan. 1679. His d. Lydia, the seventeenth ch. bec. 2d w. of capt. Thomas Lincoln in 1690, and d. 1732. His will, made only four days bef. he d. names fourteen liv. ch. names w. Rebecca, prob. d. of Richard Ibrook, wh. was mo. of the last six ch. but it is quite obscrva. that in Hingham rec. ment. is not made of d. of the first w.