William Beardsley1,2,3,4,5

M, b. circa 1605, d. before 6 July 1661
     William was born circa 1605 possibly in Ilkeston, Derbyshire, England. William married Mary Harvey, daughter of Richard Harvey and Ellen Elliott, on 26 January 1631 in Ilkeston, Derbyshire, England, at St. Mary's Church. Before 2 April 1635, William & Mary lived in St. Alban's, Hertfordshire, England. On 2 April 1635, William & his wife, Mary, left London aboard the ship, "Planter", under the command of Captain Nicholas Trerice, enroute for New England. Before being permited to board, William had to present his certificate from the minister of St. Albans in Hertfordshire and attestations from the justices of peace according to the Lords order. Among the passengers listed on the ship were William Beadsley aged 30 years, Mrs. Mary Beadsley aged 26 years, Mary aged 4 years, John aged 2 years, Joseph aged 6 months. Also aboard this ship was Mary's brother Richard Harvie & possibly her sister, Ann. The ship arrived at Boston the 7th of June..6,7 He was a mason. They first lived in Concord, Massachusetts, where he was made freemam on 7 December 1636. By 3 October 1639, the couple had moved to a place in Connecticut that William named "Stratford", (he was the founder) it is now called Bridgeport. William served for eight terms within thirteen years in court sessions; it is obvious that he was a man of great influence and worth to this New England settlement. In the old colonial documents he was often referred to as the "Goodman Beardslee". William made his will on 28 September 1660 at Stratford, Fairfield County, Connecticut.

I, William Beardsley of Stratford, being sick and weak in body, but not in mind, do leave this as my last will and teatament.
All my daughters that are now married i give ten pounds apeace. My sonne Samuel I give that red cow which I have now lent him,
I also reserve four acres of best land at Piquanock for my wife to improve if Joseph fail to help her if she please. The rest is Samuell's. I also give him one of ye new white blanketts.
If Joseph, my sone, please to be an assistant to my wife for the carrying on of her bysness whilst she lives; or marryes and leaves the the sea, I give him ye half of my accomodations in Stratford; if not I give him twenty pounds of my share of ye barke to be his part. I desire my loving wife, that if she should please to add to the shares of my daughters, that she would add to them all alike.
The rest of my estate is however, to be disposed of unto my wife and children at the discretion of Mr. Blakeman, Philip Grover, John Brinamoyd, John Burdsey, and Joseph Hawley and also the care, goverment and disposal of my children. It is my will that Daniell, after the decease of my wife, that he have the other half of ye lots. I give to my son John, tenn shillings. September 28, 1660
William Beardsley

This is a true copy of the will of William Beardsley "Per me Joseph Hawley" Presence of: Caleb Nichols, John Wells

The inventory of his estate was taken 6 July 1661 and valued at 327 pounds 15s 8d.8

William departed this life before 6 July 1661 in Stratford, Fairfield County, Connecticut. His will was probated on 6 July 1661. The inventory of William's estate was taken on Wednesday, 6 July 1661. It was valued at 327 pounds, 15 shillings, 6 pence.9


Mary Harvey b. c 5 Jun 1605, d. a 6 Jul 1661


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