Marie _____1

F, b. circa 1619, d. April 1709
     Marie was born circa 1619 in England. Marie married William Welles II, son of William Wells [Welles] and Elizabeth (?), circa 1654 in the Town of Southold. Marie died April 1709 at the Town of Southold. Marie was also know as Mary, there are traditions that say that her maiden name was Youngs, but there is no evidence and there is no obvious place that she would fit into the known Young families on Long Island. Marie has been noted by historians as an extradinary woman of her time for those qualities necessary for colonial life such as energy, courage, and endurance, but more importantly for her learning and business capacity so unusual in her day and place. In fact her second husband entrusted her with the preparation of his legal records and documents because of her knowledge and skill. Marie had obviously learned well from her first husband, William. A point that speaks well of both William and Marie, especially considering the conservative society of which they were a part.


William Welles II b. b 10 Feb 1605/6, d. 13 Nov 1671


  1. [S340] Rev. Charles Welles Hayes, William Welles of Louthold and his Descendants A.D. 1638 to 1878., page 28 - She can hardly have been Mary, the sister of the Rev. John Youngs, (who according to Savage (I:277) is said to have m. Wm. Brown, of Salem, and d. 1636) or his daughter Mary, who was b. 1631, and more prob. m. Edward Petty, of Southold. The tradition may have arisen from the fact that Wm. Wells' daughter Mary became Youngs by marriage. It comes to me from the family of Capt. Benj. Wells. of Southold, a source entitled to much respect,-but how ancient and well-founded it is I do not know.