Richard Baldwin1,2,3

M, b. circa 1504, d. before 21 February 1553
FatherRobert Baldewyn d. b 16 Apr 1536
MotherAgnes Dolte
     Richard was born circa 1504 in Chesham, Buckinghamshire, England. Richard married Ellen Apuke (Pooke) circa 1525 in England.4 He and Ellen were blessed with 7 children. Richard inherited lands as described in his father's will - certain lands and tenements at Bellenden and other lands and tenements at Dungrove in Botley, free lands at Dungrove, and an acre of land called Sperrowacre.
Richard is the youngest son, but by the writing of his will, he is well established at Dundridge. From the will of his father, Robert, it would appear that the rights to Dundridge had gone to the heir of the estate, the eldest son, John. However, from records, John becomes established at the Hale, and the next son Thomas, who dies young, is established in Wendover. At this point we have not found a clue as to the events that lead to Richard's obtaining Dundridge.5 He made his will the 16th of January in the 6th year of Edward VI [1553].

In the name of God, Amen, the XVIth day of January, in the sixt yere of the Reiene of our Souerainge Lord King Edward the sixt, &c., I, Richard Baldwyn, of Donrigge, in the parishe of Aston Clynton, in the Counte of Bucks, yeoman, being sike in body, but hole in mynde, Lawde and prayse bee unto allmightie God, do ordeyn, Constitute, declare and make this my present testament, conteyninge therein my last will.
First and principally, above all earthly things, I do give, bequethe and recomend my soulc unto allmightie God, my maker and Redemer, and my body to be buried in the Churchyard of Aston Clynton aforesayd. Item: I will that all suche detts the wch I do owe unto any person or persons of right be well and truly contented- and payd. Item. I give unto the poure men's box of Aston Clynton Item: I do give to Alis, my daughter. xxii marks- sterling, to be payd at the tyme of her mariage. Item: I gyve to Agnes. my daughter, xxii. to be payd when she cometh to the age of xix yeres. Item: I will to Cicelly and Letise, my daughters, either of them, xli. to be likewise payd to them when they come to the age of xix yeres; & yf it so forteyn that either of them do departe frome the worlde and die before this legacie be payd, then I will their parte to be equally divided betwyne the other sisters being alyve. Item : I will to John, my sonne, my farme at Dongrove, in the parishe of Chessam, wth all the landes to the same belonginge to hyme and to his heires forever, when he doth come to the age of xxiii yeres; and if it so fortune that the sayd John do departe from this worlde and die before he come to the sayd age without yssue, then I will the sayd farm to return to Henry, my sonne, and to his heirs forever. And also, I gyve to Richard, my sone, my ten 'ts in Cholesbury, with all lands belonging to the same, with resydue of my yeres, the wch shall remayne in my !ease, that wch I hold of Master Christofer Ashefyld, gent., by indenture, the said ten'ts, wth their apptaces, to have to hyme and to his Eyres and assignes forever, when he shall come to the age of xxiii yeres: and yf he fortune to departe this world and die beore he shall come to the age of xxiii yeres without issue, then I will the sayd howses and lands to remayn to the next heires. And in the meane tyme, I gyve to Ellen, my wife, and to Henry, my sonne, the profits of the Rents of my sayd howses and lands towards the bringing up of my children jointly together. Item: I will to Henry Baldwyn , my brother's sonne, V p xiii s iii d to be paid to him wth in iiii yeres after my decease. I will to every god child that I have alive iiiid Item: I give to every servant wch hath dwelt wth me xii months iiii d. Item: I give to every my tenants, iiii d. Item: I will to every of the children of John Straces, every of them, a yewe & a lambe. Item: I will that Henry, my sonne, shall have the lease of my farm in his custodie, wth out any lett or interruption of Ellyn, my wife. Item: I will to Henry, my sonne, x sylver spones & a maser. Item: I will that Ellyn, my wife, & Henry, my sonne, shall have the occupation of my farme jointly together during her lyffe, kepyng her selffe sole; & yf it so fortune that Ellyn, my wiffe, do marry, then I will that she shall avoyde & depart from the occupation of the sayd farme before the day of marriage, & then she to have halfe the corn, cattail & other [sic] of the household stuffe at the sighte and payment of my overseers of this my will : & yf, in case that neade shall so performed according to the true meanyng thereof, then I will that my overseers of this my present will. shall have full Authoritie & power to staye such goodes LE: cattalles Resydue of all my goods & cattalles unbequeathed after my body buried & this my present testament fulfilled, I gyve to Ellyn, my wife, & to Henry, my sonne equally to them, whome I do constitute & my exec. & they to dispose for the health of my soule as they shall thinke best. Also, I do put in truste my welbeloved brothers, John Baldwyne & John Apuke, to be my overseers of this my present will, & they to have for their labor, either of them, x s; thes witness Thomas Barnard, John Hutlow, Henry Byrche. Will'm Derely, wth dyvers others, being present.

.6 Richard departed this life in Dundridge Manor in the Parish of Aston Clinton, Buckinghamshire, England. He was buried at Buckinghamshire, England, in the Churchyard in the Parish of Aston Clynton. His will was probated on 21 February 1553.


Ellen Apuke (Pooke) d. 1566


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    As the later history of the Baldwins, who became very numerous in the sixteenth century, has been fully investigated by the late Colonel Chester, it has been thought unnecessary to carry the pedigree any further.
  3. [S506] Note: Aston Clinton is a village of about 3,000 people nestling in the lee of the Chiltern Hills some 5 mile south east of Aylesbury, the county town of Buckinghamshire. It is located at the crossing of two roman roads, Akeman Street and the Icknield Way. Akeman Street is now a very busy trunk road (A41) that runs from London to Chester.
    The inhabitants mostly commute to the larger towns as there is little industry nearby. The saw mill has long since disappeared, as has the wood-turning business which produced chair legs for the chair making industry in nearby High Wycombe.

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    r. . . He is the son who probably married in 1524 and received a gift of lands from his
    father, thus lowering his father's tax assessment.
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