William Welles II1,2,3,4,5,6,7,8

M, b. before 10 February 1605/6, d. 13 November 1671
FatherWilliam Wells [Welles] b. 1566, d. 26 May 1620
MotherElizabeth (?)
     William was born in Norwich, County Norfolk, England. He was christened there on 10 February 1605/6 in St. Peter Mancroft Church. William married Bridget _____ circa 1653 in the Town of Southold, Suffolk County, Long Island, New York. William was educated in England apparently as a barister, as his legal skills were quite apparent in his recorded acts in the colonies attest. He may very well be the William Welles that left London on 10 June 1635 on the ship True Love which on record was destined for Bermuda, but its passengers were found in the New England area shortly after arrival to this country. William is first seen on record in the colonies in 1638 in Lynn, Massachuseetts. He later was among the first founders of Southold, Long Island, New York residing next to the Reverand John Youngs. The last record of him in Lynn was 7 September 1641 as being enjoyned for ten punds. This charge and fine were likely due to his intention of leaving with the John Young group that was headed for Long Island. There is a record of him being present in court 15 March 1643 in Southampton, Long Island, and evidence that he was in Southold, Southampton and even back to Lynn in the years 1639 to 1646. By 1649 though, he was permanently settled in Southold. He first married Bridget, widow of Henry Tuthill. After her death, William was named as guardian of the children of Bridgett and Henry Tutill issued 31 May 1654. The eldest son, John Tuthill was of age in 1656 when he signed a release of his inheritence from his father, uncle and mother.In1660, a similar release was signed by William Johnson, husband of Elizabeth, the second child of Bridgett and Henry. William's wife, Bridget, died before 31 May 1654 in the Town of Southold leaving him a widower. William married Marie _____ circa 1654 in the Town of Southold. William did not write a will, but executed a deed over to his wife, essentially giving to Mary and their children his entire estate. The following is a copy of the words from the Town Records of Southold: "November ye13: Anno 1671.
These Presents witnes that I William Welles of Southold in the East Riding of York Sheere in Long Island doe for good and serious considerason mee hereonto mouving give and grant all my Right title and interest of in and unto all my houses Lands teniments a Lottments and meadowes within the bounds of Southold with all my goods and chattels unto my well beloved wife Mary Welles for her comfortable subsistance and education of my children but not to dispose of any part or parcell [there?] of otherways: but for portions to the children as chooseth [her?] having respect to my oldest sonne. As witness my hand and seall the daye and yeare ffirst above written."
"Signed sealed and delivered in presence of us - Barnabas Windes and Richard Terry
Entered upon Record ye17 of September Ano: 1672 by me Richard Terry, Recorder."
William departed this life on Friday, 13 November 1671 in the Town of Southold. He was buried there in the Old Burial Ground (near the Presbterian Church in the Town of Southold. William is buried in a substantial tomb near the west end of the cemetery. Until at least 1876, it was well preserved and had been well cared for. No more current information is available. The top of the tomb is a single slab 5 feet by 2.5 feet with the following inscription completely filling the slab. Written around the outside - "Heere lies ye body of William Welles of Southhold Gent Justice of ye Peace & First Sheriff of New Yorke Shire" - written inside the above inscription - Yea Here Hee lies who speaketh yet though dead on wings of Faith his soule to Heaven is fled His Pious Deeds And charity was such that of his priase no pen can write too much as was His life so was His blest Decease Hee lived in Love and sweetly dyd in peace." William had received, in 1661, 3 lots in Corchaug, one of three divisions of Southold. After his death, these lots were divided among his four married daughters; the largest lot being divided into 2 half-lots and given to Bethia and her husband and Mehitable and her husband. The middle lot was given to Anna and her husband, and the third lot to Gersham Terry and his wife, the daughter's name not given. William also received 3 lots in the Aquebogue division altough they represented four allotments. This large land holding was given to his youngest son, Joshua, by his widow Marie. William also owned land in Corchaug on the south side which amounted to approximately 250 acres and remained with his descendents. In 1681, Marie, now married to Thomas Mapes, petitions the court of Suffolk to have her son William Wells take over the duties of executing the deed of her first husband. The petition was granted.

Family 1

Bridget _____ d. b 31 May 1654

Family 2

Marie _____ b. c 1619, d. Apr 1709


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