Catherine Vieillot

F, b. circa 20 October 1642, d. between 15 September 1693 and 18 January 1695
     Catherine was born circa 20 October 1642 in Rouen, Normandy, France. She was the daughter of Francois Vieillot and Catherine Blanc who were married 1 September 1642 in Rouen at St-Vivien. She was christened there on 20 October 1642 in St-Vivien Church.1 Catherine immigrated to Quebec City in 1667 as one of the "King's Daughters" recruited by Louis XIV, to marry men in New France and to boost the population in the New World.2,3 On the 12th of October, Mr. Rogeot notarized a marriage contract between Catherine & Jacques DuBois.4 Catherine married Jacques Dubois on 18 October 1667 in ville de Quebec, Quebec, Canada, at the Basilica of Notre Dame.5 Catherine's husband, Jacques, died circa 17 March 1675 in Ile-d'Orleans, Quebec, Canada, leaving her a widow. Catherine married 2nd Pierre Guenet on 19 May 1675 in Ste-Familie, Ile d'Orleans, Quebec, Canada, at Ste-Famile Church.6 Pierre amd Catherine had children: Jacques [4/26/1677][m. 11/25/1704 Marie Marguerite Boutin], Thomas [5/16/1679-9/16/1753][m. 2/10/1705 Marie Anne Maheu dit Paul], Marie [4/16/1681-1/25/1687] & Michel [9/12/1683-9/02/1686]. 1681, Catherine was listed on the Canadian Census in Ste-Familie, Ile d'Orleans, Quebec, Canada. Enumerated in this household were Pierre Guenet 32 years], Catherine Veillot [35 years], Jeanne Dubois [9 years], Pierre Dubois [6 years], Thomas Guenet [4 years], Jacques Guenet [4 years] & Marie Guenet [6 months].7 Catherine departed this life between 15 September 1693 and 18 January 1695 in St-Laurent, Ile d'Orleans, Quebec, Canada. The date of her daughter, Jeanne's, marriage and that of her son, Francois', marriage.8

Family 1

Jacques Dubois b. c 1640, d. c 17 Mar 1675

Family 2

Pierre Guenet b. 1650, d. c 19 Aug 1741


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