Ariaentje Cornelissen Trommels

FatherCornelius Trommels
     Ariaentje Cornelissen was born in the Netherlands. After the death of her father, as an orphan, she was placed in a guardianship in Brouwerhaven, Schouwen Island, Zeeland, Netherlands.1 Ariaentje Cornelissen married Cornelis Claessen Swits, son of Claes Corneliesen Swits, circa 1637 in Schenectady, Schenectady County, New York, at the Reformed Dutch Church.2 Ariaentje Cornelissen married 2nd Albert Leonards De Grauw on 18 November 1656 at the New Amsterdam Reformed Dutch Church in the City, County & State of New York.3

Family 1

Cornelis Claessen Swits b. c 1614, d. 15 Sep 1655


  1. [S111] James Riker, History of Harlem, Its Origin and Early Annuals - The Revised Edition, page - On February 7, 1664, Arientje surrendered all rights to the farm
    occupied by herself and her late husband in return for forgiveness of his
    debt to the West India Company:
    "The supplicant and her now deceased husband, and their children,
    occupied for several years and actually built upon, a parcel of land,
    whereon has since been laid out the village of Haerlem; upon which farm,
    after much labor there expended, she, with her said deceased husband,
    was, in September 1655, miserably surprised by the cruel barbarous
    savages, who at once murdered her husband, plundered or burnt all their
    goods, and carried her off with her six children captives. From whose
    cruel hands, by the aid of her good friends, being delivered, with her six
    naked children, she remained bereft of all that she had possessed, her
    husband and all means of subsistence, except only the aforesaid farm, on
    which she hoped, sooner or later, by the assistance of others, to be able
    to sustain herself in an honorable manner; but in this she was
    disappointed, as well as the continued troubles, and the want of means,
    as by the orders issued against having any isolated habitations, and so
    was for a time compelled to abandon that farm."
    Her petition was accepted, and the debt of her late husband was
    cancelled by her surrender of the deed, "we accept in payment of what
    her deceased husband, Cornelis Claessen Swits, remained indebted to the
    Company, whatever shall in time be collected from her land as mentioned
    in her petition , giving her by this a receipt in full, so that neither she
    nor her posterity shall ever be troubled by it in the future, provided she
    deliver to the Noble Company her deed, transfer, etc., which she may
    have for the aforesaid land."
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