Jonathan Holcomb

M, b. 15 February 1679, d. 7 October 1761
FatherNathaniel Holcomb b. 4 Nov 1648, d. 5 Mar 1741
MotherMary Bliss b. 23 Sep 1651
     Jonathan was born on Wednesday, 15 February 1679 in Poquonock, Hartford County, Connecticut.1 Jonathan married Mary Buell circa 1700 in Simsbury, Hartford County, Connecticut.1 Jonathan's wife, Mary, died on 21 June 1720 in Simsbury, Hartford County, Connecticut, leaving him a widower.1 Jonathan made his will on 29 May 1759. The legatees were his wife, Mary, Jonathan Holcomb, Michael Holcomb & Ann Holcomb [children of eldest son, Jonathan [deceased]], his son, Ezariah, daughters: Mary, wife of amos Case; Demaris, Gamaliel Ward; grandchild, Abner Holcomb. His son, Azariah, to be the executor. Witnesses: John Owen, Esther Owen, Roscitte Owen.2 Jonathan departed this life on Wednesday, 7 October 1761 in Simsbury, Hartford County, Connecticut. The inventory of Jonathan's estate was taken on Tuesday, 3 November 1761. It was taken by Nathaniel Holcomb, Peter Rice, Hos. Wilcox. His will was probated on 3 November 1761. The order was thus given to set out his widow's dowry.


Mary Buell b. 23 Dec 1677, d. 21 Jun 1720


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