Robert de Swynnerton de Great Suggenhall1

M, b. circa 1140, d. 1192
FatherRobert fitz Alan d. bt 1185 - 1190
     Robert de was born circa 1140 in Staffordshire, England, at the Manor of Peshale in the parish of Eccleshall. Robert married Miss de (?) Great Sugnall & Bishops Offley, daughter of Robert le Joceran, circa 1182 in England. His wife brought to their marriage Great Suggenhall & Bishop's Offley. He quite likely accompanied Richard I on the 3rd Crusade to Cyrpus & Palestine. He returned in 1192. He made a gift to Stone Priory of lands just prior to leaving on the crusades. It was confirmed by his son in 1198. Robert departed this life soon after his return from the crusades of either disease or wounds he had received. in Swynnerton, Staffordshire, England. He was buried at Swynnerton, Staffordshire, England, in the Church of Swynnerton. His tomb with his effigy is in the church but there is no inscription. He inherited the Swynnerton estates from his father around 1190.


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    Volume I: Chapter 13 William de Peshale, section 3 Robert de Peshale de Swynnerton, pages 403-410 - Rpbert married the daughter of Robert the Armiger of Great Sugnall & Bishop's Offley; 1stto call himself de Swynnerton; his wife, daughrer of Robert le Joceran brought him Great Sugnall & Bishop's Offley; children: Robert de Swynnerton de Sugenhull, John de Suggenhull de Swynnerton, Roger de Swynnerton, Margaret de Swynnerton married fitz Payne; the Swynnertons & Peshale bear the same arms; Robert de Swynnerton & William de Peshale along with Rauff Bigod witness a deed concerning Bungay Manor & that the Bigods were the same family as the father of Isabel Lupus who married Gilbert de Corbeil;
    page 408Robert de Peshale de Swynnerton, pages 407 -About the time of King John, Sir Robert de Suggenhull, knight, held Great Suggenhull; he married Petronella de Derlaveston & died without issue. 1 Edward III his heirs then held Suggenhull by the service of half a knight's fee. It then came, not long after, to the Peshale's, by the marriage of Alice, daughter of John de Swynnerton, to Adam de Peshale, in whose family it has ever since continued.