Pierre Hedouin

M, b. 24 January 1676, d. circa 14 December 1708
FatherJacques Hedouin dit la Forge b. 1627, d. c 23 Aug 1705
MotherJeanne Brassart b. 1643, d. c 21 Dec 1709
     Pierre was born on Friday, 24 January 1676 in Petite-Riviere, Charlevoix, Quebec, Canada. He was christened on the same day there in the Basilica of Notre Dame.1 Pierre married Marie-Agnes Pilote on 8 April 1698 in ville de Quebec at the Basilica of Notre Dame.2 Pierre & Marie-Agnes had children: Pierre [4/18/1699], Marie Genevieve [4/22/1701-4/23/1787][m. 3/07/1720 Charles Methot], Charles [5/11/1702], Jacquess [4/07/1704-5/10/1723], Jean-Baptiste [7/16/17061/03/1770][m. 8/16/1735 Marie Josephe Ferre] & Francois Marie [6/09/1708-3/26/1736][m. 7/24/1735 Marie-Anne Ferre].3 Pierre departed this life in ville de Quebec. He was buried there in the Notre Dame Cemetery on Friday, 14 December 1708.4


Marie-Agnes Pilote b. 14 Jan 1680, d. 20 May 1752


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