Jeanne-Andree Hedouin

F, b. 5 October 1670, d. 20 September 1747
FatherJacques Hedouin dit la Forge b. 1627, d. c 23 Aug 1705
MotherJeanne Brassart b. 1643, d. c 21 Dec 1709
     Jeanne-Andree was born on Sunday, 5 October 1670 in ville de Quebec, Quebec, Canada. She was christened there on 6 October 1670 in the Basilica of Notre Dame.1 Jeanne-Andree married Pierre Dorion on 18 January 1688 in ville de Quebec at the Basilica of Notre Dame.2 Pierre & Jeanne-Andree had children: Marie Jeanne Anne [4/11/1689-11/24/1749][m. 11/25/1705 Jean Sedilot dit Montreuil], Jacques [7/31/1691-4/13/1713], Marie Angelique [1692-7/15/1744], Pierre [7/04/1694-7/30/1694], Pierre [8/18/1695-5/04/1766][m. 10/23/1713 Genevieve Chapeau, 2nd 1/14/1749 Monique Dussault & 3rd 1/13/1755 Angelique Dubeau], Jean-Claude [5/13/1698-8/06/1746][m. 9/30/1718 Marie Madeleine Chapeau], Charles [11/05/1700-12/14/1700], Charles [12/16/1701], Jean-Marie [11/03/1704-9/16/1761][m. 2/19/1730 Marie-Therese Normand], Marie Francoise [12/07/1706-1/10/1776][m. 1725 Jean Baptiste Guillemin], Barbe [9/21/1708-3/05/1782][m. 8/31/1727 Jean Baptiste Normand], Marguerite [11/28/1710-7/11/1759][m. 11/21/1735 Noel Collet] & Noel [12/24/1712].3 Jeanne-Andree's husband, Pierre, died on 25 April 1724 in ville de Quebec leaving her a widow. Jeanne-Andree departed this life on Wednesday, 20 September 1747 in ville de Quebec at age 76 years, 11 months and 15 days. She was buried there in the Notre Dame Cemetery on Thursday, 21 September 1747.4


Pierre Dorion b. c 28 Jul 1658, d. 25 Apr 1724


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