Charles Hedouin dit la Forge

M, b. 20 October 1681, d. November 1720
FatherJacques Hedouin dit la Forge b. 1627, d. c 23 Aug 1705
MotherJeanne Brassart b. 1643, d. c 21 Dec 1709
     Charles was born on Monday, 20 October 1681 in Charlesbourg, ville de Quebec, Quebec, Canada. He was christened there on 21 October 1681 in the Basilica of Notre Dame.1 Charles married Marie-Catherine Larchevesque, daughter of Henri Larchevesque and Marie-Madeleine Trepagny, on 24 November 1704 in ville de Quebec at the Basilica of Notre Dame.2 Charles's wife, Marie-Catherine, died on 21 February 1716 in ville de Quebec leaving him a widower. Charles married 2nd Genevieve Doyon on 12 October 1716 in ville de Quebec at the Basilica of Notre Dame.3 November 1716, Charles and Genevieve were listed on the Canadian Census. Enumerated in this household were Charles Hedouin [36 years], Genevieve Doyon [19 years] & Catherine [4 years]. He was a navigator.4 Charles died while he was at sea in November 1720.5

Family 1

Marie-Catherine Larchevesque b. 5 Feb 1685, d. 21 Feb 1716

Family 2

Genevieve Doyon b. 6 Sep 1695, d. 19 Oct 1763


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