Tabiatha Sammis

F, b. circa 1723, d. 6 August 1777
FatherDavid Sammis [Samwayas] b. 4 Oct 1681, d. b 18 Oct 1751
MotherSarah (?) b. 1685, d. 27 May 1739
     Tabiatha was born circa 1723 in Huntington, Suffolk County, Long Island, New York. Tabiatha married Jotham Wright I, son of Edmund Wright II and Sarah Townsend, on 27 May 1745 in Huntington, Suffolk County, Long Island, New York, at the First Church. Jotham & Tabiatha removed from Oyster Bay to Rye, New York in 1747 where they bought a house & land on the road leading to Harrison's Purchase. He sold this property with other lands in 1763. In 1768, his brother, Thomas released to him all of his rights to the messnage of twenty acres of land, which Jotham had bought of Timothy Wetmore. As early as 1771, he bought an old "square house" which was built before 1731. He kept this as an Inn called "Wrights" until near the close of the Revolution. With the dangers of the war, Jotham & his family removed to New York City for safety. It is not known whether this move was voluntarily or by force. The family remained there. Jotham & Tabiatha both died in a smallpox epidemic in 1777. It is not known who cared for their children after their death.     Jotham was oted as being a Joyner. The family was Episcopal. Jotham was named after his uncle Jotham Townsend. Tabiatha died on Wednesday, 6 August 1777 in the City, County & State of New York, during a smallpox epidemic. She was buried in the yard of the old Trinity Church in the City, County & State of New York. The church was located on Broadway.


Jotham Wright I b. 1708, d. 20 Jul 1777