Thomas Powell1,2

M, b. October 1641, d. 28 February 1721/1722 [twelth
     Thomas was born in October 1641. Thomas was of Bethpage. Thomas married Abigail Wood, daughter of Jonas Wood "Halifax" and Mary Drake, circa 1664 in the Town of Hempstead, Queens County, Long Island, New York. He and Abigail were blessed with 8 children. Thomas's wife, Abigail, died before 1689 in Westbury, Hempstead Town, Queens County, Long Island, New York, leaving him a widower. Thomas married, daughter of John Townsend II and Hannah (?), the 2nd day of the 9th month 1690 in home of Edmund Titus, Westbury, Hempstead Township, Queens County, Long Island, New York.3 Thomas immigrated to America probably from Wales. He was an indentured servant of Jonas Wood "Halifax" & lived with him circa 1652 to 1661. He married Jonas' daughter whom many believe was named "Abigail" but no evidence has been found for this except their first daughter was named Abigail. On 8 December 1663, he purchased a House & land along with its buildings which was adjacent to the home lot that originally belonged to Jonas Wood and where his son Samuel then resided. The lot on the other side later belonged to Joseph Wood. Caleb Wood later had a home lot there as well. These lots were at the original settlement of Huntington.
He held many important positions the first of which was that of Recorder in 1663 when he was twenty-two years of age. It has also been noted that he was twenty-six years. He held this position for the most part for the next twenty years. In the early 1690's, Thomas purchased a sizeable chunk of land in the town of Oyster Bay from the Indians. He named this place "Bethpage". On 7 May 1695, he sold his land at Huntington to Joseph Wood. He was a Quaker. He made his will 3rd day of the 1st month of 1719/1720.

In the name of God, Amen. The last will of Thomas Powell, late of Bethpage, now of Westbury, in the town of Hempstead, in Queens County, being in indifferent health. "I bequeath my soul to God, from whom I have received mercy, and hope and believe I ever shall and keep in his favour, and stand in his council, through Jesus Christ my Lord and Saviour, who suffered the shamful death of the cross, without the gates of Jerusalem; and ascended upon high and led Captivity captive, and hath given gifts unto me for the edifying of his body his Church, for the perfecting the Saints, among whom my lot is fallen." I leave to my son Thomas 20 acres of plain land that I bought of John Wascoat, and all the other lands and rights of land that I have given him in deeds of gift. I leave my dauther, Abigail Willits, one wainscoat chest, and a box of small drawers that was her mother's. I leave to my sons, John, James, Caleb, Wait, and Elisha, all the lands and rights of land as mentioned in the deeds of gift from me. I leave to my sons, Caleb and Elisha, two thirds of my lot of meadow lying in the Great Neck, at Huntington South, lying on the west side of the third part of said lot which I gave to my son Thomas. I give to my youngest son, Solomon, 200 pounds, when of age, but if he die under age then it is to go to my daughters Sarah and Amy Powell and the children of my daughter Elizabeth, deceased, wife of Samuel Titus, and my daughter Abigail Willits. I leave my personal property to my youngest daughters, Mercy, Sarah, Phebe Willis, Rachel Willis, and Amy. I make my brother, Thomas Townsend, and my friend, Benjamin Seaman, and my son-in-law, William Willis, executors. Dated this 3d day of the first month, 1719/20. Witnesses: Nathaniel Seaman, Silas Titus, John Willis, Jacob Willis. [New York Wills: Liber 9, page 351]

Thomas departed this life 28 February 1721/1722 twelth in Westbury, Hempstead Town, Queens County, Long Island, New York. He was aged 80 years and 4 months. His will was probated on 27 May 1722.

Family 1

Abigail Wood b. c 1639, d. b 1689

Family 2

Elizabeth Townsend Phillips b. c 1665


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