Marie-Angelique Niquet

F, b. 1698, d. 20 November 1771
FatherJean Niquet b. 1673, d. 11 Aug 1703
MotherMarie-Angelique Pinard b. 1677, d. 17 Mar 1732
     Marie-Angelique was born in 1698 in St-Francois-du-Lac, Yamaska County, Quebec, Canada. Marie-Angelique married Pierre Blet dit Gazaille, son of Jean Blet dit Gazaille and Jeanne Bouveau, on 3 February 1726 in Sorel, St-Pierre-De Saurel, Quebec, Canada, at St-Pierre Church.1 Marie-Angelique's husband, Pierre, died circa 25 January 1728 in Sorel, leaving her a widow. Marie-Angelique married 2nd Nicolas Baillargeon on 26 November 1729 in Montmagny, Montmagny County, Quebec, Canada, at the cemetery of St-Pierre.2 Marie-Angelique's husband, Nicolas, died circa 2 April 1745 in Sorel, St-Pierre-De Saurel, Quebec, Canada, leaving her a widow. Marie-Angelique departed this life on Wednesday, 20 November 1771 in Sorel at age 73 years. She was buried there in the churchyard of St-Pierre on Thursday, 21 November 1771.3

Family 1

Pierre Blet dit Gazaille b. 2 Jun 1686, d. c 25 Jan 1728

Family 2

Nicolas Baillargeon b. 21 Jan 1699, d. c 2 Apr 1745


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