Ellen Apuke (Pooke)

F, d. 1566
     Ellen was born in England. Ellen married Richard Baldwin, son of Robert Baldewyn and Agnes Dolte, circa 1525 in England.1 She and Richard were blessed with 7 children. She made her will the 25th day of ___ month in the 8th year 6f Queen Elizabeth [1566].

In the name of God, Amen. The xxvth day of [torn away], in the year of our Lord MvLxvi, and in the viiith yere of the Reigne of oure sovereign Lady Elizabeth by the Grace of God of England, France & Ireland. quene, defender of the ffaithe, &c.,
I, Elyn Baldwyn, of Donrig, in the p ish of Aston Clynton, in the countie of Bucks, wedowe, being syck in body. but hole in mynde, thankes therefor be vnto
Almyghey God, do ordene and make this my present testament [torn away] my last wyll: ffirst and principally, above all erthely things, I give, bequethe & comend my soule unto Almighty God, my maker & reclemer; and my body to be buried in the Churche yards of Aston Clynton aforesaid. Item: I give to the mother Churice of Lyncoln, ii d- Item: I will to the Chancell of Aston Clynton, xii d. Item: I will to the pore people of Aston Clynton, xii d. Item: I will to the pore people of Cholesbury, xiid. Item: I give and bequethe to eovy [i.e. every] Godchylde of myne, iiii d. Item: I gyve to eny cliilde's childe, iiiid. Item. I give & bequethe to my daughters, Cecilye & Lettys, all those p cells of goods folowyng: that is to say, x paire of shetes, ii curtains & iiii pillowe beres (pillow-case, Wright), one fustyan pillowe, a canvas pillowe, ii bolsters & iiii table napkins; in pewter, viii platters, iiii pewter dishes, one bason of pewter, a lattyne bason, and a chafying dyshe of lattyne (a mixed metal resembling brass, Wright), a pott of brasse, a pan, ii posnetts (a small pot or skillet, Wright), one chafer (sauce pan), xii kyttles wth ye covers, and a blanket, iiii coffers, a spitt, a pair of pott hoks, and a iron hanger over the fier. Item: [gone] Sylver pyn, and a paire of sylver hoks, all whiche p cells of goods above rehersed I will that my [gone] shall delyver onto my said ii Daughters, Cecilye & Lettyce, att the day of' mariage [gone]. equally devyded between them. Item: I will that if any of my saide daughters dye before [gone] of their mariage, that then ther pte or porcione to remayne onto the rest of ther systers, then [gone]. And further, I will that my said ii doughters shall take the advise and counsel] of my cosyn, George Baldwyn, of the Hale, and other of ther brethern, in chosyng of their husbonds. And if they [gone] of them do refuse to be rulyd in chosying the husbonds by the said George & other ther brethern then lyvyng, that then ther pte & porcion of Goodes by this my last will & testament onto them bequethed to remayn onto the rest of my doughters then lyvyng. Item: I gyve and bequethe unto Rychard Baldwyn and to Sylvester Baldwyn, my son Henry Baldwyn's children, each of them, xiid. The Resydewe of all my goods catalls unbcquethed, my will performed [gone], I gyve onto John Baldwyn, my son, whome I do make my sole executor of this my last will & testament. Also, I do appoynte my son, Henry Baldwyn, to be my overseer of this my will and testament, desyryng him to se the same performed, and for his payees I do gyve onto hym vs. These witnesse George Baldwyn, Henry Baldwyn, Willm Putnam, Rychard Baldwyn.

.2 Ellen departed this life in 1566 in Dundridge Manor in the Parish of Aston Clinton, Buckinghamshire, England. There is no probate date given.


Richard Baldwin b. c 1504, d. b 21 Feb 1553


  1. [S1855] A. Vere Woodman, The Baldwins of Dundridge and Chesham in County Bucks, 1525, his Aston Clinton lands valued at £2 and goods at £13, for tax of 6s6d. As part of a change in his taxes, it was noted that Robert's son had married within the yea
    r. . . He is the son who probably married in 1524 and received a gift of lands from his
    father, thus lowering his father's tax assessment.
  2. [S138] Charles Candee Baldwin, The Baldwin Genealody from 1500-1881, page 22 - Will of Ellen Baldwin - papers torn and words missing as is the month in the date of her will. Her will was written between 24 November 1565 & 24 October 1566.