Ernulf de Hesdin1

M, d. circa 1097
     Ernulf was born in Hesdin, Flanders, France.2 Ernulf was of France and came to England with William the Conquerer. Ernulf was a large land holder. He had many estates that he held in chief and as Lord of the Manor. Others he held in chief, but had subfuediated to others. He was also a vassel himself on some estates, but only to the greatest of land holders in the kingdom. He also owned substantial urban property having a large number of households, 51 in Newbury alone, which was his own manor. He is on record as having given substantial gifts to the chruch and was a strong supporter of William. He is mentioned in the records with his wife, sons and daughter. However in 1095, William Rufus had him tried for treason. He was defended well and was not found not guilty, but because of the ill treatment, he left England and returned to France in disgust. He then joined the first Crusade [1096-1099].3 Ernulf married Emmelina (?) in Hesdin, Flanders, France.4 Ernulf died circa 1097 in Antioch, Syria, He died in the battle at Antioch.


  1. [S1013] J Horace Round, Calendar of Documents in France, page xlvii - Seeking further light on the problem, he discovered, in a special examination of the cartulary of St. George, Hesdin, a charter of Ernulf
    hitherto unknown (No, 1326) which not only locates him in France, but mentions his daughter Ava, who was clearly the above " Avelina," wife of Alan Fitz Flaald.

    pages 438-439 - In 1086 he gave the Manor of Ruislip to the Abbey of Bec in Normandy.2 Between 1094 and 1100 "Notification that Arnulf de Hesdin, when on his way to England with the king [who was] returning from Normandy bestowed on St. George all that he held of count Engelram at Hesdin in fee, which he did by the count's advice and with his consent. Afterwards, in his house at Norton in England, on Ascension day, when many knights of his following (familia) had assembled, he renewed this gift, with the assent of all, in the presence of his sons and his daughter with his wife. And his chaplain Theodardus confirmed there, before witnesses, the gift he had made at Combe (Cumbam) in the presence of Osmund bishop of Salisbury and his clerks, namely the churches of Norton and Weston and Eston, and two chapels in the city of Bath with the land and buildings appurtenant, and all the tithe, and a curtilage at Newbury (Niweberiam), on the terms that so long as he lived a clerk, he should enjoy that endowment, and should give the priory (ecclesie) of St. George half-a-marc of gold yearly, and after his death the monks should possess it all. To both these gifts the wife of Arnulf and his son William and his daughter Ava gave consent, etc ..... " Round, Calendar of Documents in France, p. 438/9. In 1095 together with William of Eu he was accused of treason by William Rufus but in a trial his champion defeated his lord's accuser but Ernulf de Hesdin quit England in disgust at the barbaric and tyrannical proceedings under King William, and joined the Crusade.
  2. [S506] Note: Hesdin is right near the sea coast of France.
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  4. [S1707] Ernulf de Hesdin, Ernulf's wife was called Emmelina, a diminutive form of Emma, as is confirmed by numerous grants they made together to monasteries -