Alphonse Morin dit Valcour

M, b. 12 December 1650, d. 29 August 1711
FatherNoël Morin b. 1609, d. 10 Feb 1680
MotherHélène Desportes b. bt Jul 1620 - 24 Oct 1621, d. 24 Jun 1675
     Alphonse was born on Monday, 12 December 1650 in ville de Quebec, Quebec, Canada. He was christened there on 13 December 1650 in the Basilica of Notre Dame.1 Alphonse married Marie-Madeleine Normand on 10 February 1670 in ville de Quebec at the Basilica of Notre Dame.2 Alphonse & Marie-Madeleine had children: Francois-Alphonse [12/02/1670-6/03/1737][m. 11/11/1697 Marie-Catherine Chamaillard], Pierre-Noel [2/26/1672][m. 5/30/1796 Marguerite Rousseau & 2nd 9/21/1731 Helene Maranda], Germain [10/27/1673-1681], Joseph [5/22/1675-4/10/1730][m. 11/17/1701 Agnes Bouchard], Marie Catherine [7/16/1677-7/01/1734][m. 7/06/1699 Jacques Beaudoin], Nicolas [3/23/1679-1681], Jean-Baptiste [6/02/1680], Marie-Madeleine [2/23/1682-9/04/1690], Nicolas [7/11/1784-2/23/1745][m. 11/15/1706 Marie Madeleine Mercier dit Colbec], Louis [3/19/1686-6/28/1690] & Charles [4/22/1690-5/02/1690].3 1681, Alphonse and Marie-Madeleine were listed on the Canadian Census in Berthier-su-Mer, Berthier County, Quebec, Canada. Enumerated in this household were Alphonse Morin [30 years], Marie Normand [30 years], Alphonse [11 years], Pierre Noel [10 years], Joseph [7 years], Catherine [4 years] & Jean [2 years].4 Alphonse's wife, Marie-Madeleine, died on 27 April 1690 in the cemetery of St-Pierre, Montmagny, Montmagny County, Quebec, Canada, leaving him a widower. Alphonse married 2nd Angelique Des Trois Maisons on 24 November 1692 in Cap St-Ignace, Montmagny County, Quebec, Canada, at St-Ignace Church.5 Alphonse & Angelique had children: Thomas [9/251/1693-10/06/1693], Louis [5/20/1698-3/27/1767][m. 10/14/1721 Marie Elisabeth Bilodeau], Marie [9/03/1702-1/31/1730][m. 11/06/1720 Jacques Bilodeau] & Helene [9/12/1711-9/29/1711].6 Alphonse departed this life on Saturday, 29 August 1711 in Montmagny, Montmagny County, Quebec, Canada, at the parish of St-Thomas. He was buried at Montmagny, Montmagny County, Quebec, Canada, in the cemetery of St-Pierre.7

Family 1

Marie-Madeleine Normand b. 29 Aug 1646, d. 27 Apr 1690

Family 2

Angelique Des Trois Maisons b. c 26 Oct 1670, d. 26 Feb 1744


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