Agnes Morin

F, b. 21 January 1641, d. 30 August 1687
FatherNoël Morin b. 1609, d. 10 Feb 1680
MotherHélène Desportes b. bt Jul 1620 - 24 Oct 1621, d. 24 Jun 1675
     Agnes was born on Monday, 21 January 1641 in ville de Quebec, Quebec, Canada. She was christened on the same day there in the Basilica of Notre Dame.1 Agnes married Nicolas Gaudry dit Bourbonniere on 12 November 1653 in ville de Quebec at the Basilica of Notre Dame.2 Agnes's husband, Nicolas, died on 22 June 1669 in Sillery, ville de Quebec at the parish of Cote St-Michel leaving her a widow. Agnes married 2nd Ignace Bonhomme dit Beaupre, son of Nicolas Bonhomme and Catherine Gouget, on 12 January 1671 in ville de Quebec, Quebec, Canada, at the Basilica of Notre Dame.3 1681, Agnes and her husband, Ignace, were listed on the Canadian Census in Sillery, ville de Quebec, Quebec, Canada. Enumerated in this household were Ignace Bonhomme [37 years], his wife: Agnes Morin [40 years], Jacque Gaudry [23 years], Nicolas Gaudry [16 years], Agnes Gaudry [14 years], Joseph Gaudry [11 years], Marie [10 years], Anne [8 years], Anne-Agnes [6 years], Marie [4 years] & Ignace [2 years].4 Agnes departed this life on Saturday, 30 August 1687 in ville de Quebec at age 46 years, 7 months and 9 days. She was buried there in the cemetery of Notre Dame on Sunday, 31 August 1687.5

Family 1

Nicolas Gaudry dit Bourbonniere b. 1623, d. 22 Jun 1669

Family 2

Ignace Bonhomme dit Beaupre b. 1646, d. 21 Apr 1711


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